3 Pearls of Wisdom for Every Design Student

The world of design is a world of creativity, originality, and innovation. It is constantly changing and evolving. Design is also meant to be full of logic and utility. In order to do more than just survive in this industry and create out of the box solutions…

BSD’s Featured Project of the Week

Company: Nihal Zaki interiors
Project: Apartment by the Nile
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Situated by the longest river in the world, a 290 square metre family apartment designed by Nihal Zaki Interiors is the….

Selecting A Design Course and College

“Design is so simple. That is why it is so complicated” Design is all about defining who you are, making people see your notion and ideologies. Your thoughts are like mirrors, enveloped and untouched by reality. Designing them gives them value…

Career prospects after a course in Interior Design

I Dream Of Design And I Design My Dream! The search for getting the appropriate job is extremely tiresome. Receiving a job offer right after a course depends totally on the portfolio of the college and the strength of the internships done by you. It is...

Why is Bangalore ideal for Interior Design courses?

I am writing this post because, as a senior visiting professor in various colleges and practicing Architectural professionally too, I keep getting asked this question ‘Is Bangalore the Ideal Place to Study Interior Design?’

Scope of Studying Interior Design

Succeeding as an interior designer means not only having real creative flair and vision, but also fully understanding the most important elements and principles of design.  Professional interior designers must be able to work with the requirements of their clients,...

The Benefits of Working as an Interior Designer?

A career in interior design has the potential to be uniquely rewarding, enjoyable and secure for life.  The simple fact of the matter is that individuals, brands and businesses all over the world will always rely on the skills, talents and experience of qualified...

Why is Interior Design Important?

From a career perspective, interior design is of enormous importance and relevance due to growing demand alone.  It was recently estimated that jobs in the interior design industry are expected to increase on a global basis by at least 13% over the next decade.  In...

Defining Interior Design

Interior design could be described as the process by which the interior of a building is decorated. However, it is also true to say that interior design takes conventional decorating to an entirely higher level. In terms of the process itself, interior design involves...

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