Why is Bangalore ideal for Interior Design courses?

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Blogs

Hey Guys!! I am writing this post because, as a senior visiting professor in various colleges and practicing Architectural professionally too, I keep getting asked this question ‘Is Bangalore the Ideal Place to Study Interior Design?’ So I thought it’s useful to share my thoughts on this, read on! Bangalore is the cosmopolitan city of India in various ways. Since the very beginning of 2000, Bangalore has observed utmost growth in housing. With the incursion of diverse cultures, the trend towards lifestyle homes has grown both in terms of the Indian and the International context. Due to the increased access to the international market, trade and lifestyle, the designers were eager to set up in Bangalore with distinct types of interior spaces. Gradually, Bangalore became the pivot of Design and Interior Design and sooner the housing sector began to flourish in all spheres. The designers along with the interior designers were convinced in creating a statement and custom-made homes. With such a transformation, the industry demanded the growth of professionalism as it required specialized and proficient designers. With the accurate infrastructure and correct credentials, Bangalore soon became the province of design to make people learn, practice and research in this respective field. Since the last few years, all the major schools of architecture along with certain other design school started inculcating the knowledge of interior designing. Interior designing is all about the way designers use space. The diverse availability of Interior designing courses offered by major colleges of Bangalore has made it strike the chance. As quite a number of colleges offer budget-friendly courses, so it attracts a huge number of students towards it. Students have access to lots of Diploma and Certificate Courses; however, these cannot be done without the proper teaching staffs. Bangalore is also considered to be the IT hub due to its expansion. The growth of the city is incredible on account of the presence of several renowned Indian and International organization. Whether it is for education or for the job, Bangalore is the best destination presently. The city has left behind even Mumbai which is one of the biggest Metropolitan cities in India. Bangalore has overtaken several cities and occupied a significant position in this respect. Students who are willing to pursue Interior Designing, Bangalore becomes the best option for them. Students are often worried about which college to apply for. And there’s a solution to that too. Since Interior Design is not something that can be limited to theoretical study, always go for colleges where the faculty have a design practice of their own, so that you get all round guidance and develop under the perfect mentorship. At Bangalore School of Design (BSD), you benefit from a dynamic team of teachers who are professionals of the real world of design and learn from their experience & knowledge. It offers you the most unconventional and in-depth education in the field of Interior Design to assist you to become an acclaimed Designer. In affiliation with Bangalore University, our dedication to providing the highest quality training to the budding professionals, has resulted in unique teaching and student support systems.

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