Academics Programs

Academics Programs

Academic Overview

Bangalore School of Design is a multi-discipline college that focuses on rigorously preparing designers to lead. This is a community of designers shaping the next generation of designers, a community of educators passionate about their students’ work.  At Bangalore School of Design, you’ll learn to design interior spaces, furniture, products, visuals, landscapes that make an impact on communities, companies, and people.

Design Institute in Bangalore

Undergraduate Programs


We’re experts at preparing interior designers for professional success, whether you’re looking to kick off a new career or sharpen a specific set of skills. Bangalore School of Design was selected as Top 20 Promising Education Institute in Bangalore by HigherEducationReview.

B.Sc. Interior Design – 3 years

Program offers deep understanding of the impact of design decisions on engineering, construction, and architecture. Pursue the elegant balance between people and space, form and function. B.Sc. in Interior Design program offers a rich and memorable college experience – the kind only Bangalore can offer. You’ll leave the program fully prepared to start your interior design career.

Program Affiliated to Bengaluru North University

BVA Interior and Spatial Design – 4 years

Combining a comprehensive interior design curriculum with a strong Visual arts education, our professional-level BVA in Interior & Spatial Design program offers A relatively new concept in the field of design, spatial design focuses on the relation of space with the flow of human movement. Being a spatial artistic discipline, it aims to upgrade existing human habitats by the development of innovative and sustainable settings. The discipline is a harmonious fusion of interior design and architecture

Program Affiliated to Bengaluru North University

Dual Bachelor’s Degree – Bachelor’s Interior Architecture + BVA Interior & Spatial Design – 4 years

The dual degree program at BSD provides you with the learning opportunities in various concepts that link to the design process. Interior and spatial design as a course aims to sensitize students of design to the creative science of spatial understanding and interior design. Interior architecture provides the skills required to grasp structural and skeletal concepts. The Academic partnership with College De Paris – Ecole Conte brings students the European design education and fully prepare them to be a global designer.

Program Affiliated to Bengaluru North University & College De Paris – Ecole Conte

Professional Diploma Programs

Master some of the fundamental skills you’ll need to be a practicing interior designer in both residential and commercial design settings in just one year.

International Professional Diploma in Interior Design – 1 year

If you’re thinking of going back to school to kick-start a career in interior design, you can put together a course of study that fits your life and puts you on the road to professional success. With both full-time and part-time options, you can dive straight in or start small and invest in your career one step at a time. Our One-year International Professional Diploma in Interior Design program introduces to the field on Interior Design and you’ll master some of the fundamental skills to be a practicing interior Designer in both residential and commercial design.

Program Affiliated to College De Paris – Ecole Conte

Professional Diploma in Human Computer Interaction for User Experience Design – 6 Months

UI UX is a discipline concerned with the design, evaluation and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use and with the study of major phenomena surrounding them.

Design Thinking | UI | UX | Usability

Recognized by Bangalore School of Design

International PGDM – Construction Management – 1 year

Develop your career in construction management with a qualification that’s in demand across diverse industries. BSD’s Post Graduate Diploma in Construction Management will equip you with in-demand management and leadership skills that are essential to companies across all industries. This program is designed for professionals currently working or looking to work in the field of Construction Management. It is particularly relevant for professionals looking to take the next step in their career.

Program Affiliated to College De Paris – Ecole Conte

Bangalore School of Design’s (BSD) key attributes

  • A Faculty of Practicing Designers: Each of our professors is a professional working in design or a related field & their knowledge is current, so our curriculum is constantly evolving
  • A Depth and Breadth of Courses: The college offers more than the set curriculum by Bangalore University, knowledge share between professors and students gives an edge over any other college graduates. Technology is a cornerstone of our curriculum: we offer courses in AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, 3DMax, and more, while emphasizing a foundation in hand-drawing and drafting skills
  • Small Class Size: Bangalore School of Design’s (BSD) average class size is 20. Students have abundant and informal access to instructors and advisors. The intimacy of our programs creates a vibrant culture of mentoring in a collegial atmosphere
  • Design for the Real World: At Bangalore School of Design, we believe in the potential for creative designers to solve business and humanitarian problems. To help the students Bangalore School of Design has an in-house Innovation Center which takes up Real World projects which are led by the professors with the assistance of design students.
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