B.Sc Interior Design & Decoration

Get a deeper understanding of the impact of design decisions on engineering, construction, and architecture. Pursue the elegant balance between people and space, form and function.An interior design course at BSD will help you develop your creative eye and teach you sound technical and people management skills that are conducive to creating beautiful, functional spaces. Explore the real difference between colour and monochrome, paint and wallpaper.

BVA Interior and spatial Design

A relatively new concept in the field of design, spatial design focuses on the relation of space with the flow of human movement. Being a spatial artistic discipline, it aims to upgrade existing human habitats by the development of innovative and sustainable settings. The discipline is a harmonious fusion of interior design and architecture.

BVA Graphic Design

Design is key to our global development and cultural progression. A designer’s role involves both individual and collaborative thinking. In the Graphic Design & Brand Strategy course at the Bangalore School of Design, our graphic design courses in bangalore focus on educating our students to become professionals who become agents of change, activism and advocacy in the context of business, society or environmen

BVA Animation & Gameart

The Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) in Animation and Multimedia with Game
Design is an undergraduate program that merges creative artistry with
cutting-edge technology.

PG Diploma in Landscape Design

Bangalore School of Design is offering a Post Graduate program in Landscape Design. The PGD (Landscape Design) program is a one-year skill-based professional program. The course aims to prepare students to take on landscaping works of different scales and types.

People are spending time, effort, and money on landscaping their houses, offices, schools, etc. these days as the addition of green spaces is not just a want but a need in today’s world.

Professional Diploma in Interior Design

An interior design enables a student to look at a space through the lens of a designer. The fundamental skills of a student in drawing, design concepts, material technology and design history are polished. 

Professional Diploma in Graphic Design + UI/UX

With an emphasis on Design, this course helps students develop a creative, innovative and unique approach to graphic design. Our learning methodologies and industry tailored curriculum help students develop design skills and a form of artistic expression that is compatible in a new-age scenario. The course is designed with an equal emphasis on all the core functions of graphic design & UI UX design.

Professional Diploma in UI/UX

UI UX Design for User Experience is a diploma program that is concerned with the design and use of computer and mobile technology, focusing on the interfaces between people and systems. This interdisciplinary program sits at the intersection of engineering, behavioral sciences, and design. It combines academic rigor with practical and professional skills highly valued by employers.

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