We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. The term mosaic, originating from the French word ‘Mosaïque’, refers to a picture or decoration made of small, coloured pieces of stone, glass or other material. Mosaic art has been around for a long time, probably since the 3rd millennium BCE, originating in ancient Mesopotamian villages. This form of decoration has been practiced in architecture and interiors throughout history in different parts of the world. Today mosaic art has taken a new dimension with the development of technology and materials. As an institution, BSD believes that a lot of littles make a whole. This philosophy extends into our design fest, where students can interact with each other as well as the fraternity of the design field, allowing all of us to learn from each other. Hence, aptly suited the word ‘mozaic’ represents the different aspects of learning, apart from classroom education that is required. The concept of putting different angled pieces together to create a larger piece of art, translates to the idea of bringing together different ideologies to create a well rounded designer.

MOZAIC 2018 – Beyond

This year’s theme ‘Beyond’ aims to incorporate different angles of fun and innovation into the design fest. In today’s ever-changing world, we as designers should be equipped to think Beyond and into the future, recognizing the approaching requirements and creating a responsible and futuristic world.

Mozaic beyond hosted seminars, panel discussions, the Zaha Hadid Trophy, Poster Encounter, cho your sketch, Smartphone context and silence in finesse.

MOZAIC 2020 – Decon

DECONSTRUCTIVISM is unleashing the infinite possibilities of playing around with forms and volumes. Deconstructivism was termed by French philosophers and it paved the way for postmodernism in the 1980s. A common direction of thought and art has left its impact on modern architecture and design by introducing to society an unconventional style in architecture and interiors.

It is the idea of fragmenting a piece to its simpler components in order to truly understand its complete meaning which is characterized by absence of harmony and symmetry. 2020’s theme is to challenge the conventional way with its seemingly haphazard appearance, curved forms, asymmetry and dissonance with its surroundings, where it often manipulates the structure’s surface skin. The finished appearance featured unpredictability and controlled chaos which will be an illuminating visual treat for any designer.

Mozaic Decon hosted seminars, workshops, discussions and various competitions like The Frank Gehry Trophy, The Phillippe Starck Trophy, Pragmatic Deciphering, Colloquy Battle, The lost mystery and Sound of the Soul

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