Bangalore School of Design, India’s pioneer in design education across Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Graphic Design, Brand Strategy, UI, UX, Design Thinking, Furniture Design, Digital Architecture, Product Design, and Media studies. BSD has been a catalyst for the success of students across creative industries. Bangalore School of Design is a college under BSD Educational Trust devoted to the design environment. It works with a mission to educate students to achieve excellence and to create meaningful, responsible and creative designs through developing and articulating their imagination.

Our affiliations with Bengaluru North University gives credibility to the curriculum and market worth to the graduates of BSD. To be a focused, competitive, and to deliver the best knowledge to the students at BSD, we have our academic partnership with College De Paris – Ecole Conte to help us to deliver core professional knowledge that is intellectually engaging, technically sophisticated and taught by a professional faculty.

“The Future of Design”


Bangalore School of Design prepares aspiring designers and working professionals to be leaders in the field by providing a focused and immersive design education drawing upon expert faculty, innovative approaches, and close industry relationships.


Bangalore School of Design Vision is to be a global leader in design education, impacting the profession through innovative curricula and strategic collaborations, with graduates placed in positions of influence around the world.

Bangalore School of Design values

  • The quality of human life in the built environment
  • The “spark” to be found within each student
  • The rich history of the design profession
  • A setting that fosters creative thinking, collaboration, and collegiality among students, faculty & staff
  • Small and focused learning environments, both digital and experiential
  • The expertise and commitment of the faculty and staff
  • Both conceptual and applied design
  • Respect for the environment and sustainable practices
  • A strong grounding in the liberal arts as an essential part of a designer’s education
  • A foundation of respect for oneself, others, and the greater world
  • Engagement with local and national communities


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