webinar – Career pathways in UI / UX Design

An informative and insightful webinar in UI / UX design was conducted by BSDT showcasing how UI Ux design plays a crucial role in our day to lives.

During the webinar, Our UI / UX head, Mr. Arun explained the various career pathways in this creative field and how UI / UX designers have a wide range of job prospects, as they are in high demand across industries such as technology, e-commerce, healthcare, finance, and entertainment.

Overall, this webinar provided the participants with a comprehensive understanding of UI / UX design, its career prospects, and the pivotal role it plays in shaping our digital experiences.

webinar – Unleashing the Future for Career in Technology

BSDT recently organized a highly informative webinar titled “Unleashing the Future for Careers in Technology ” which turned out to be a resounding success.

Our key speaker , Mr. Harish shared invaluable insights that left a lasting impact on the participants.

The session was educative and the participants gained significant knowledge about BCA & BSc courses with the value of add on certifications too.

 #Open Day 2023

Blood donation drive

On June 16th, 2023, BSDT organized an extraordinary blood donation drive in collaboration with the esteemed Lions Club Yelahanka. The event brought together our remarkable students and staff, fostering a sense of unity and compassion that left a lasting impact.

The active participation showcased their selflessness as they donated blood, exemplifying the outstanding character and humanitarian values of our incredible community. These moments of unity and compassion will forever be etched in our memories, serving as a testament to the strength of our community and its commitment to saving lives.

BMS Site Visit

Step into the enchanting realm of materials at our recent workshop at the Material Library, where inspiration meets innovation!  With curiosity as our guide, students embarked on a captivating journey, unearthing the boundless possibilities and sustainable alternatives that materials offer. From time-honored classics to cutting-edge marvels, we delved deep into the diverse world of materials.

Nestled within the walls of the Material Library, a treasure trove of samples and interactive displays awaited, beckoning students to explore and engage.  Eagerly, they immersed themselves, gaining hands-on experience and practical insights into the magical realm of materials.

Architectural and design enthusiasts alike witnessed firsthand the awe-inspiring transformative power of materials. It was a kaleidoscope of creativity, where imagination melded seamlessly with sustainability.  Let us join hands and embrace the immense potential these materials hold, shaping a brighter, more sustainable future together.

Interior Design workshop

In a remarkable encounter, students of the 6th semester in BVA and B.Sc. had the extraordinary opportunity to engage with Shikha Desai, a renowned conservation architect from Intach Bangalore. Together, they embarked on a captivating journey delving into the realm of adaptive reuse and the myriad challenges faced in the design process.

This interactive session proved to be an enlightening experience, as students discovered crucial design parameters for repurposing buildings. Shikha Desai’s expertise and insights truly transformed their perspective on adaptive reuse, leaving them yearning for further knowledge. The art of breathing new life into existing structures became a game-changer, fueling their passion for architecture and conservation.

Stay tuned for more inspiring sessions and experiences as we continue to explore the ever-evolving world of design and creativity!

Candle Carving Workshop

Immerse yourself in the world of artistic candle carving with our unforgettable Student Series workshop. Led by the talented in-house artist, Fiza Sultana, a second-semester student at BSDT, this workshop promises to ignite your creativity and leave you with personalized carved candles that showcase your unique style.

Discover the intricate designs and techniques that make each candle a work of art. Our students’ creativity knows no bounds as they craft breathtaking creations that shine with their talent. Stay tuned for more extraordinary workshops, where you can embark on your own creative journey.

Don’t miss out on the next opportunity to unleash your artistic spirit. Join us for an experience that will illuminate your passion for candle carving.


Graduation Day at the Bangalore School of Design and Technology is a day of immense pride and accomplishment for its students. The journey of creativity and learning at BSDT has been transformative, equipping graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the dynamic world of design. The talented peers and inspiring faculty have created a sense of community that fosters creativity and innovation. The memories and bonds formed during our time at BSDT will last a lifetime, serving as a support system as we venture into the world. Graduation Day marks the beginning of endless possibilities, thanks to the invaluable education and experiences gained at BSDT. We are ready to make our mark, armed with creativity, passion, and the confidence instilled in us by BSDT.

General Awareness – Road Rally

The students of Bangalore School of Design and Technology have set an inspiring example for us all by organizing a road rally to promote sustainable practices and community welfare. Their unwavering dedication to preserving resources, reducing noise pollution, promoting road safety, and advocating for healthy eating habits is a testament to their commitment to creating a better world. By raising awareness about simple actions like turning off lights and appliances when not in use, refraining from unnecessary honking, following traffic rules, and choosing a plant-based lifestyle, they have shown us that small actions can lead to significant positive change.

Let us all take inspiration from these young change-makers and make a conscious effort to contribute to building sustainable communities. Together, we can create a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come.

Study Tour – Belur and Halebeedu

BSD 6th Semester students went on a road trip, visiting new places and realizing that there is more to the world than what they have seen or experienced.  Situated on the banks of the Yagachi River in Hassan, the city of Belur in the Hassan district of Karnataka is called modern heaven on earth due to its cultural and historical significance. Belur takes you back in time to get a glimpse into the art, design, and sculpture of a bygone era. The innovative architecture and beautiful carvings of the temples draw several thousand tourists every year. Students visited these places on thier two-day historical journey – 

  1. Chennakesava Temple: Commonly Referred To As Keshava.  A fine example of Hoysala architecture, the Chennakesava Temple in Belur was built in the 12th century by the Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana. This temple of Belur is a testimony to the cultural, artistic, and theological perspectives of the Hoysala empire.
  2. Paathaaleshwara Temple: An Ancient Sculpture. One of the most famous places in Belur, the Paathaaleshwara Temple is one of the ancient sculptures constructed by the Ganga kings. Known for the color-changing lingam present at the temple. 
  3. Kappe Chennigaraya  Temple: A Minor Shrine. Built by Queen Shantala Devi in 1117 CE, the Kappe Chennigaraya temple is a minor shrine located south of the main sanctum of the Chennakesava temple. 

They came back with several memories that they shall cherish forever.

Study Tour – Auroville and Pondicherry

The study tour to Pondicherry, organized by Bangalore School of Design, was a wonderful experience for all of us. With great anticipation, we boarded the bus at night which took all of us to Auroville the following day. The place we stayed at was well selected too, it was clean and had all the necessary facilities. The food throughout the trip was exceptional, there was really nothing to complain about. The teachers who accompanied us on this trip took great care of us, kept us all in check and were friendly enough for us to go and talk to whenever we needed to. They guided us throughout the journey and were very helpful. Besides the fact that it was a very fun experience for all of us, it was also a learning experience. We got to see a lot of different places in the city of Pondicherry as well as the town of Auroville, a deep understanding of its history and culture and the sort of knowledge which is specific to that place was well translated to us. We visited different museums and ashrams, and we also had the opportunity to meditate in one of those places. On the second day of the trip, we had the opportunity to visit and work with people who used materials directly from the earth, such as clay and straw, to build structures. We learned a lot and worked in teams to make the basic building thatch and also used moulds to make bricks. It was a memorable experience and we had the chance to physically work with materials. We also had the chance to visit the rocky beach, despite being smaller than the rest of the beaches, it was a beautiful view on the last day and it ended on a good note. Overall, the experience on the trip was very memorable and we will look forward to more trips like these in the future.

Freshers’ Day

A fun filled day was planned for the incoming batch of 2022 to celebrate their joining of the BSD family. The red carpet themed event brought together students of second. third and fourth year students along with faculty and staff come together to welcome the newest BSDians. Students were regaled with entertainment performances and thrilling games and activities. Students of the 2022 batch were also encouraged to participate in the open talent show, giving them an opportunity to showcase their unique skills and add to the diverse talent within the student body at BSD, which lead to a feast for the eyes that included displays of tabala, dance, karate and more. 

Packaging Workshop

A Packaging Design workshop was conducted at BSD, where students from all batches and courses came together and redesigned old packaging of various products. The workshop was conducted by our Graphic Design faculties Mr. Pradyumna PS and Mr. Yogesh P. They briefed the students on how to approach this design process and then proceeded to work with them as the students created unique and creative packaging for products of their choosing. Concepts of form, structure, color, typography and imagery were explored through the process. In groups of two, students decided on their product and brand, then designed or redesigned the packaging idea for the same and continued to execute it by making prototype models out of the existing packaging products. Mr. Karthik Nandakumar, one of our board members, was invited to judge and award the top three groups with a gift box. It was an engaging and fun couple of hours that led to some amazing work.

IKEA Visit

Students of Bangalore School of Design visited the newly opened IKEA showroom in Bangalore to experience the latest products and trends in the market. The Ikea store has been the craze for all design enthusiasts in the weeks following its opening in our city. BSD did not want our students to miss a chance to experience this opportunity. The students of 4th and 6th sem were accompanied by faculty in different batches across the week to visit and study the interior and furnishing store. Students studied and documented their visit in relevance to the subjects they are currently studying in their respective semesters. Students studying Accessories and textiles in interiors focused on the different products and materials available in home and commercial furnishing. Students studying furniture design, did case studies on the latest trend in furniture and design. Students studying design form and space, visited the store to understand how concepts translate to final products. The students visited the entire store, enjoyed the iconic Ikea restaurant, all while making an off campus day of their study visit to Ikea.

NGMA Visit

The 6th semester students of Interior and Spatial design from BSD visited the National Gallery of Modern Art as part of the Design curriculum for a better understanding of Adaptive Reuse. The 100-year-old colonial structure located on Cunningham Road was the perfect example of a residence turned museum to help design a similar project in the curriculum. Students explored the different conservation and building techniques used in the museum to display art and yet pay homage to the building and its history itself. During the visit, they also had the wonderful opportunity to meet the curator of the museum with who they interacted with, to try and understand the difficulties faced while converting the structure into a museum and the things needed to keep in mind while doing any kind of adaptive reuse. The students were also exposed to physical factors such as time of day, temperature, and human traffic and how it all affects the perception of a space or building. Still, the effects of these can never be conveyed sufficiently through mere two-dimensional drawings. It is by being on-site that they experience these factors at work and get an accurate understanding of the space. In addition, the students acquired a deeper knowledge of circulation, lighting, temperature-control, humidity-control, and artwork display techniques without hindering the structure and its originality.

Site visits and experiences first hand are always an important part of learning. Visiting a real-time construction project allows young minds to develop a greater understanding of how interior architecture theory is put into practice.


The students of the Bangalore school of design visited the Indiawood exhibition on 04-06-2022.One of the world’s leading exhibitions for furniture manufacturing and the woodworking industry. It offers its audience a comprehensive overview of the prevailing technological innovations and the latest manufacturing trends in furniture manufacturing, woodworking technologies, tools, fittings, accessories, and raw materials.The students were accompanied by three of the faculties to give them first-hand information about the large variety of raw materials relevant to the field of interior design. The exhibition was held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center and was the perfect exposure to the vast number of materials and diverse technological innovations. Visits like these help students get ahead of time with the newest techniques in the market and also provide them with an excellent market survey opportunity.

The exhibition was divided into different categories in 5 different halls. The first hall features furnishings. The making of fabrics, different kinds of foams, and upholstery were exhibited in great detail. Hall 2 featured different kinds of laminates, halls 3 and 4 exhibited the types of machinery, and hall 5 featured hardware fittings. The students interacted with the dealers and manufacturers and understood the different processes. They were also provided with numerous brochures which contained information of the product and the manufacturing companies.  In this age where the internet is the main source of surveying, trade exhibitions like these help students collect authentic information and develop a greater understanding of how materials are sourced and applied in a real-time project.


2nd and 3rd year students of interior design and interior architecture participated in the Architecture Techest conducted by Ramaiah School of Architecture Inspirit in May 2022. They enrolled for both the design trophies, one architecture adaptive reuse and one on product design. Teams of 4 worked relentlessly in the day leading up to the fest to send in their design entries for the competition. Others, along with the design teams attended the two day event while participating in on spot events and various workshops. They had an opportunity to interact with peers from their profession and learn from some of the industry experts. The two day event came to a determined end as BSD students bagged multiple prizes and the special mention trophy for the design competition as well. Congratulations to all the participants!


One of its kind series, started in 2022 at Bangalore School of Design, UNSCRIPTED aspires to add another dimension to design education at BSD. The first module was conducted for the batch of 2021. It was a 10 day event where students worked on the entire process from start to finish with the guidance of their faculty. The main principle of Unscripted 1.0 was to highlight the local craftform of Karnataka – Chanapattna wood carving. Students curated an exhibition to highlight the craftform and raise awareness of the same. 

Day one to four was spent planning, as students did their research, understood the craftforms history and relevance. They also worked on planning the exhibition and the events. Students were then taken to the town of Channapattna on day five where they were taken on a guided tour of a wood crafting toy factory. Here they also met the craftsmen and spoke to them, understanding the local traditions, the history of the form and the importance of the heritage of the art. Students were also given the opportunity to try their hand and made small toys. Two groups of students had designed their own products and they got them made in the factory with the help of the craftsman. 

Once they were back, students put together the exhibition on day ten that paid homage to the beautiful craft form and the skill and hard work of the local craftspersons. The exhibition was open to all students, family, faculty and friends. The attendees were given a true village experience in terms of the set up, the games, the snack and the vibe of the space. They got to understand the entire history and the process of wood carving from Channapatna.

In-Situ – Graphic Design Series

The graphic design students visited Design Theme Innoventics. It is a graphic design studio where their main focus is product design. They also design brochures, invitations, and animated advertisements. They also design corporate presentations called decks and they design pitch decks as well

In our visit, the creative director of the company, Mr. Krishna gave us a lot of insights on how their designs are made. We got to interact with some employees there too. We learnt how important creativity is in this field. We also learnt that there are many different types of clients and based on their requirements the design is made accordingly. The process of creating design begins with the artist making a sketch of the desired design and later it will made into a design .We learnt about the different softwares used for graphic design. Overall, we learnt a lot about the graphic design industry and the work involved. The visit was very insightful.

HMG Factory Visit

A group of 31 students from Bangalore School of Design arrived at the HMG stone Factory located in Hosur Road at 11:05 AM on Friday March 4th, 2022 as part of our academic industry visit program. The tour of the facility began with a brief introduction of the team at HMG and each of us received a brochure after which we were separated into

smaller groups, each assigned with a staff member of HMG and began viewing the various slabs of Marble, Granite, Onyx, Travertine and Quartzite that they had on display. HMG focuses exclusively on natural stones acquired from around the world and draw inspiration from the Italian manufacturing standards. The staff gave us valuable insights on where the particular stone was found, what were its contents and what type of finish it had. One stone in particular which was found near a volcano was particularly amazing to look at, it had a mixture of Red, Brown with just a hint of white and in a way mimicked flowing lava. It was nice to know the story behind each stone rather than just looking at them. Another one of the stones which we learned about was 10,000 years away from turning into a block of diamond had it been left in the Earth! After going through the wide array of stone slabs we made our way into the processing unit where we learned about how a block is cut, dried, polished and given the desired finishes, of which there are numerous. A popular finish among us students was the Areka finish as we could feel the texture and the grains which ran through the stone. After the processing unit we took a break for lunch which was graciously provided by HMG followed by a visit to their second factory where they customise the size and finish of the stone based on customer requirements. The tour then proceeded to its most extravagant part where we got to visit HMG’s Experience Center in Sankey Road where we saw the stones live and in action. We met with the managing director who briefed us about their Center and we were taken around the meticulously designed building which cleverly showcased the stones as individual slabs and also incorporated into the interiors of the facility.

As newcomers into the field of design it was enticing to get the knowledge and experience firsthand into the wide world of stones, thanks to our faculty and team HMG who made it possible. The greatest takeaway from the visit was the subtle fact that the stones were all natural.

IN-SITU – Residential Site Visit

In interior architecture and design,’IN-SITU’ refers to construction which is carried out at the building site using raw materials comparing that with prefabricated construction,in which building components are factory made and then transported  to the building site for assembly.’IN-SITU’ visual observation and understanding is useful in order to provide details on the geometry of the structure and in order to identify the points where more accurate observations have to be concentrated.The structural performance and spatial aesthetics depends on the process constructions techniques and fabrication materials.understanding of ‘IN-SITU’ construction process is an integral part in the field of design and construction . As a skill development learning including ‘IN-SITU’ as a series is an essential step by BSD,opening to all the students/participants who are interested in learning work on-site.The training program is designed to help the learners how they can use the valuable information in the construction process in their projects.

Acknowledging this ‘IN-SITU’ series has been started in 2021 now leading to the fourth session which has been conducted in  MR&MRs krishna’s residence ongoing construction.AR.Aditha Raja being an integral part of BSD has shared his expertise experiences with the students discussing the details of masonry ,play of light to have  enthralling views through openings and also small scale fabrication details.This led the students to experiences and discuss the best ways possible to implement materials on site and had an expert guidance for building a successful project.The valuable information of the site gave the learners envision their design in real life scenario and great insight into the importance of planning ahead in the process of ideation to construction.


Carpentry is a skilled trade that has been in existence for ages and the craft has been passed down to generations. Wood construction and detailing is an integral part of interior design. The knowledge of carpentry detailing can improve a designers range and creativity by tenfold. This salient skill is taught to the spatial design students in their 3rd year at BSD. Students learnt about different wood joinery details in their class and made drawings and sketches to understand the application of these joinery details. But hands- on experiences are always the best way to learn something new. 

Keeping this in mind, students of the 5th semester were given a masterclass by the 3rd generation wood craftsman in his workshop space. Mr. Kannan is an expert in his field with over 30 years of hands-on experience. He gave the students a tour of his workshop, the different machines and tools used, different types of wood they work with and a live session on how to make the joinery details. He created the joints with the students allowing them to try their hand at wood construction. This gave them an in depth understanding of what they learnt in their classroom and watched their sheets come to life as real scaled models of the different types of wood joints.

Design URU

‘Designuru’ organised by the IIID (Institute of Indian Interior Designers, Bengaluru), is a combined initiative of citizens of the city in making the public a part of an art and design based initiative. The festival aims to create a dialogue among the residents of the city through the lens of community and public interest based works on design, art and architecture. It sensitives the public on the significance and importance of design and on how design can empower senses and spaces around us.
Students of BSD participated in Exhibitions, Workshops, Programs, Activities, Interactive stalls, Installations and Talk Shows in Architecture, Heritage, Urban Design, Interior Design, Product Design and Arts & Performing Arts.


A student council, or association is a student-run group that dedicates its time and resources to give the whole student community of the university, fairness, opportunities and a voice. Have a look at this year’s elections.


In an emotionally surreal atmosphere inside the Bangalore School of Design Campus, the students, staff and management of BSD bid adieu to the Students ofBatch 2017 and 2018 at a grand farewell function.Peak in and view images of the amazing event.



Indeed, with this the freshers were welcomed by Bangalore School of Design by organising Freshers Party for the Freshers on 30th October, 2021. The freshers were welcomed with great enthusiasm and love. The freshers party had several events such as one-minute games, self-introduction of the freshers, dance, etc. BSD wishes the Freshers all the very best for the start to their career in Design.


Students of BSD, visited ‘Bangalore Palace’ in April, 2021, a great architectural beauty standing tall since 1878 which was built by 23rd Maharaja of Mysore, Jayachamaraja Wadiyar. The tour gave a perfect insight into the royal opulence with its magnificent sculptures, wooden carvings, paintings, and artifacts.

Professional skill development session

Even the most talented Interior Designer needs to know how to market themselves to potential clients and employers. That’s why Bangalore School of Design makes teaching professional skills development a top priority. Here at BSD, we provide students with career management guidance that will inspire, empower, and encourage them to make fulfilling connections between their academic experiences and professional career path. Here are a few glimpses from the session.

Visit to NGMA

The visit to the National Gallery of Modern Art at Vasant Nagar today was aimed at giving the students of Bangalore School of Design an understanding of Art from a Design perspective. Laying stress on Color harmony, thought process behind creations and consistent practice in rendering ideas into sketches was the mantra of the day!! The students were amazed at the finesse displayed in the art works of renowned artists and were inspired to bring their imaginations into manifestation!!

BSD cares at Charlie’s animal rescue center

Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre – CARE is an animal shelter established in January 2013, with the aim of providing timely medical aid to injured and ill animals of the street in Bangalore city. It is also a famous animal shelter and trauma care centre in Bengaluru.. Team “BSD cares” extends its gratitude to Team CARE, Bengaluru for making this visit possible and letting our students get more profound insights into the day to day happenings at this beautiful home for animals. Below are the pictures which were taken during our team’s visit to the centre on 19th September, 2021 and showcases the different areas within the centre along with the amazing furr friends we could meet there.

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