Open Day

Selecting a university is a pivotal decision for young adults, but fortunately, there are numerous resources to aid in this process. One of the most effective approaches to determining the ideal university for you is to attend its Open Day and associated information sessions. These events offer an authentic glimpse into the university’s ethos and its suitability for prospective students.

Open Day events provide visitors valuable opportunities to gain insights into various program options, experience university life firsthand, understand the overall campus environment, and engage with faculty members, current students, and alumni.

Candle Carving Workshop


The upcoming webinar “Candle Carving Workshop” experience the art of creating unique, hand-carved candles led by our talented student artist “Fiza Sultana” (BVA 2nd Sem Student).

Learn different techniques, unleash your creativity, and take home your own masterpiece! Don’t miss this chance to ignite your artistic spirit.

Careers in Architectural Design


The upcoming webinar “Career in Architectural Design” will focus on the emerging trends and technologies that are shaping the future of Architecture.

The discussion will cover a range of topics, including the latest advancements in sustainable design, the use of innovative building materials, the incorporation of digital technologies in design and construction, and the growing importance of human-centric design.

The webinar will feature expert speakers from the architecture industry, who will share their insights and experiences on these topics and discuss the potential implications for the future of the profession.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge practices and engage in a dialogue about the future of architecture.

Mega Design Career Counselling


Be a part of this Design Career Counseling Session where you will get to meet experts from the industry, who will be throwing light on the intricacies of each course , the importance of the course & the future prospects of the course too.

Guidance , counselling , campus tour, on the spot scholarship schemes all these and more happening under one roof….


Bangalore School of Design is back with yet another design event of the year, Paradigm. Two days dedicated to design workshops, masterclasses, dialogues and some on the 3rd and 4th of February 2023 Register on the website now.

Jury Season

Every semester’s design projects culminate in design juries conducted by industry experts and proffesionals from the respective feilds. Jury season always has the college buzzing with activity and excitement. 

Beyond the Curriculum

BSDT organises multiple site visits in each semester including those for case studies, insitu construction sites, industry visits and more. It helps them gain practical knowledge, gain hands on experience and learn how the industry works. 

Study Tour- Belur & Halebeedu

Go down the lanes of history & catch a glimpse of the glorious Hoysala Dynasty & the twin astonishing wonders of Karnataka temples ( Belur & Halebid ) famed for its wonderful sculptures & architecture.

Study Tour - Auroville and Pondicherry

Explore a different kind of universe where people from all over the world will live in peace & harmony.
Auroville – A Town of human unity.
Pondicherry – Get soaked in the best of colonial architecture & Marvel at the structures.

We are a diverse, academic community of students, faculty, and staff from across the nation and the world, learning on a dynamic campus in a global city. As a BSD student, you will have the exceptional opportunity to meet new people, travel to new places, learn from incredible opportunities and interact with the best of the industry. Our campus offers you all the support required to make your design dreams come true.

BSD Faculty

The faculty of BSD bring a lot of their practical and theoretical experience from their professional lives. They keep the class size small, the student wants to know what you have to say, they respect you. There is definitely a sense of mutual respect which one does not see in other schools.

BSD Studio
First of its Kind – An education institute has a fully functional studio nestled in The campus which takes on commercial projects across Interior, Graphic, UI/UX, and more.

BSD partners and collaborates with reputed institutes across the globe to deliver the best design education to the student community. It also have exclusive tie up with firms, vendors and manufacturers to give the practical edge to the students.


Ambalika Bharadwaj

2nd Semester Dual Bachelors Interior Architecture

Rose Tanwar

2nd Semester B.Sc Interior Design

Sahana B.S.

B.Sc Final Year Interior Design

Srujana M Sakalesh

Srujana M Sakalesh

Company: Defa Lighting Solutions
Des. : Jr. Exec. Interior Designer

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“I began to see the path I had chosen at Bangalore school of design was taking me places I hadn’t even realized existed. Many of the instructors are also professionals in the field, which really helped us understand how to apply what we were doing in the real world.” My program was a good, close knit group of people and we had lots of opportunities to collaborate on ideas which did pushed me to a great success”

Shreekara Kulkarni

Sreekara Kulkarni

Company: Studio Prano
Designation: Principal

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“Four amazing years at the Bangalore School of Design has provided me with lifelong memories and friendships with both classmates and instructors. Not only did it taught me the necessary skills to become the Principal Designer, I was guided by the professionals in building up my dream as a leading Designer in the community”

Shwetha Srinivas

Shwetha Srinivas

Company: IFB Home  Application
Designation: Interior Designer

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“I’ve been working in an ifb company as a data managing and design. I am passionate about learning new skills and I have developed a strong skill including in-depth data management expertise. I’m eager to make full use of this in a larger working environment. I have worked hard to prepare myself for a career in designer and recently completed my degree at Bangalore school of design, which helped me to be a good designer now. I am confident that my relevant work experience and skills provide me with the capabilities to successfully fullfill this position”


Vishal Patel

Company: Design Studio
Designation: Junior Designer

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A self-motivated and budding professional with 2 years of experience in the field of interior architecture design.I strongly believe in quality of design must have a sense of authenticity to connect people with the space. Always looking forward to explore and learn more in today’s progressive world.

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