Nurturing the future. Shaping the industry.

The Bangalore School of Design’s leadership team sets the course for the academic, intellectual, and creative work of the institution. Committed to excellence in all areas, the leaders of our institute ensure that we adapt and respond to contemporary issues, create an inclusive community, and foster an environment in which students challenge convention through scholarship and creative exploration.

Arch. Dineshwar S


Institution Chairman

Mr. Dineshwar S is co-founder of BSD Educational Trust and as acting Chairman, he spearheads unwavering commitment to our mission of offering higher education experience that reflects and shapes the dynamic world around us.

Praveen Nandakumar


Institution Co-Chairman

Mr. Praveen Nandakumar is Co-founder of BSD Educational Trust and as acting Co-Chairman, he charged with elevating the institution’s public profile. Today, In addition to leading all marketing and communication institution-wide, he oversees new ventures including executive and online design education and industry partnerships.

Karthik Nandakumar


Institution Secretary & Treasurer

Mr. Karthik Nandakumar as acting Secretary & Treasurer of BSD Educational Trust, he heads the operations at Bangalore School of Design’s day to day activities, students’ relationships, finance and allocating resources efficiently, proactively manages and reviews the performance and progress of Academic Coordinators, sets objectives and targets, and its strategic developments. He holds a Master’s Degree in Finance & Management from the University of Exeter.

Ar. Preethi Dineshwar


Director Academics

Ar. Preethi Dineshwar is the Director of Academics at Bangalore School of design since it’s inception. As an architect who graduated from Malnad School of Architecture, she has been practicing for 25 years working on residential and commercial projects. She has been involved in the education industry for the last 9 years, teaching as a professor in architecture and interior design colleges across the city.

She runs the academic team at BSD, assigning duties to and overlooking the teaching staff. Her experience in both the practical and education industry, aids the development of our academic programs. She also is one of the design proctors for the interior design department and handles the design studios interacting with students of various semesters.

Ar. Sharan Desai



Sharan Desai is the principal of Bangalore School of Design. He is a graduate of architecture from BMS College of Engineering and then completed his masters in urban design and city planning from the university of oklahoma in the USA. He has been teaching students of architecture and design for more than seven years. Sharan believes strongly in bringing change to the society, he has started and conducted several events, workshops and organizations that have created an impact for the betterment of our cities and communities.

BSD is fortunate to have an energetic and involved trustees, made up of architects, engineers, advocates, and entrepreneurs. The Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility for the financial, administrative, and academic affairs of BSD. The role of a trustee is a vitally important one. The board collectively bears fiduciary responsibility for the College and provides for its overall leadership. The Board works closely with the directors and senior administration in developing the institution’s short-term and long-term goals, setting major policies, and approving curricula and budgets, managing the College’s assets, and allotting capital funds in an appropriate manner.

Ar. S Dineshwar


Mr. Praveen Kumar Nandakumar


Mr. Karthik Nandakumar

 Secretary / Treasurer


Drawn from the ranks of leaders across all elements of society, our advisory board members help chart a course for our institution’s future. Using their experience as luminaries in business, education, philanthropy, government, media and more, they shape our institution into a leader of creative education and innovation.


Since the foundation, we have always been a nontraditional institution, one that challenges the status quo. Our academic leaders who make up the Faculty Senate are drawn from across our institution. They meet regularly to explore and examine how the institution can continue to grow and fulfill its mission as a creative, innovative, and socially engaged institution.

  • Mr Sharan Desai – Chairperson
  • Ar Preethi Dineshwar – Member
  • Ar Dipti Dineshwar – Member
  • Mr Ritesh L – Member
  • Ar Adhitha Raja Varma – Member


Our institution was designed to be a new kind, one where creativity could be world-changing. Today, our Board of Governing Council carries that mission forward, with the charge of supporting an institution where collaboration, discovery, rigorous scholarship and creativity infuse everything we do. This team guides the strategic planning of the university with a core commitment to providing exceptional service to students, faculty, and staff. Through the policies and standards they develop, they create a more inclusive, fair, and transparent community at the university.

Our Senior Leadership team includes leaders from across the institution and leaders in higher education.
Meet our team:

  • Ar S Dineshwar, Chairman
  • Mr. Praveen Kumar Nandakumar, Co-Chairman
  • Mr. Sharan Desai, Principal & Ex-officio Member
  • Ar Preethi Dineshwar, Director – Academics
  • Mr. Karthik Nandakumar, Secretary
  • Ar Dipti Dineshwar, Head Academics
  • Mrs. Monisha Reddy T, Head Marketing
  • Mrs. Mamata Satishkumar Mudnoor, Head HR & Administration
  • Ar Aditha Varma Raja, Asst Professor
  • Advocate N Jaiprakash Rao, Member
  • Advocate Veena Jayaprakash, Member
  • Mr. Prathapan Manickam, Member from Industry
  • Mr. Manjunath, (Ex Syndicate member), Bangalore University
  • Dr Dilip Krishna – Syndicate Member (BNU Appointed Member)
  • Mr Aravind R Chanjeri – Member of Vidyavishak Parishad (BNU Appointed Member)
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