Bangalore School of Design brings a series of webinars “Design Dialogues” for you to explore and get an insight into the various aspects beyond the curriculum. Professionals from across the globe share their insights giving us valuable inputs in understanding design, design practice, marketing & more.

With BSD’s new series “Design Dialogues”, we have something for everyone, from introductory sessions that give you a glimpse into the topics for a beginner who is curious about the world of design, to advanced technical skills for a current designer or even sessions that develop skills required beyond your design knowledge.

We have experts and professionals from around the world bringing you a well rounded and global outlook to our dialogue sessions. Their experience and insights on the different matters of design will provide you with some valuable inputs and understanding as a takeaway from these live interactive sessions.

Life as an Interior Designer

Getting Started in Graphic Design

Instagram for the Interior Designer

Basics of Landscaping

Selecting Furniture & Accessories for A Space

Career In Design

Furniture Design

Marketing Your Design Practice

Psychology of Space and User Behavior

Art of Choosing Colours and Transforming Spaces

Designing Visuals for Today and Tomorrow


At Bangalore School of Design, we are always innovating and conceiving alternate learning methods for students of design. Design education is most effective when it’s done outside of the classroom and beyond the textbook. This has always been BSD’s approach to teaching design.

In compliance with this, BSD has envisaged the LEARNING ‘IN SITU’ SERIES. Learning while being able to physically see and experience the concepts and ideas will enable students to get a better understanding of the concept and build a solid foundation of those ideas. Learning ‘in situ’ gives them an opportunity to be part of the process and experience the design development and execution.

Season 1 – Interior Architecture and Interior Design

The first set of series was aimed at architecture and interior design students from various colleges in Bangalore. Visiting the site, talking to the consultants, getting first-hand knowledge of the design ideas from the architects and experiencing construction techniques on site was an excellent opportunity for architecture and interior design students to boost their exposure multi fold.

Episode 1 – Residential ongoing project tour guided by the architect and HVAC consultants.

Episode 2 – Theme based restaurant tour guided by the designer and project in charge.

Episode 3 – Residential site guided tour by the architect and the lighting consultants.

Episode 4 – Residential site visit at interior finishing stage with a guided tour by the architects explaining detailing.

Season 2 – Graphic Design

Season 2 of the In-Situ series was aimed at providing students of graphic design and interaction design an opportunity to interact with the profession. Visits were planned to production houses where students were given a walk through of the complete design process at a professional level. Visits to a print and press site gave them the outlook into how production and packaging is handled in large scales.  

Episode 1 – Visit to a Graphic Design Production House - Design Theme Innoventics.

Episode 2 – Guided visit of a Print and Packing Supplier - Canara Prints.

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