studio bsd

Studio BSD is a Bangalore School of Design’s initiative. This entity takes up live projects such as residential, retail & commercial Interior works and it allows the students of the Bangalore School of Design to actively participate and act as a backbone.

This allows the students to gain practical knowledge and understand the work environment of an Interior Design profession. This also ads on their Curriculum Vitae that they have been interning alongside their formal education and this gives the student an edge over all the other graduates coming from the diffrenet institutes. An employer always looks at candidates with experience & sound knowledge on practicality and the ability to execute what has been designed. In general, the students are exposed to the carpenters, painters, Metal fabricators, furniture suppliers, Electrical contractor, Soft furnishings suppliers, flooring suppliers such as granite/marble/wooden, etc., and all other ancillary vendors who bring in their works to finish an Interior Design work. To gain this network an individual needs to work for over years but with Association with Studio BSD, a student has access to all the vendor who they can interact and gain practical knowledge and execute great designs.

This is the way Bangalore School of Design Innovates in Design teaching.

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