BVA Graphic Design



4 Years


10+2 /PUC Pass

(with English) from any Recognized Board


Bengaluru North University


Design is key to our global development and cultural progression. A designer’s role involves both individual and collaborative thinking. In the Graphic Design & Brand Strategy course at the Bangalore School of Design, our graphic design courses in bangalore focus on educating our students to become professionals who become agents of change, activism and advocacy in the context of business, society or environment.

This course addresses communication and marketing needs of a variety of industry clusters across new as well as traditional media and platforms. Mastering fundamental skills, design approach and intellectual thinking takes precedence over learning to use computer applications and software. Understanding contextual perspectives, strategies and solutions, proficiency in communication and presentation skills, decoding and making meaningful forms and executing these forms and messages on various media are some of the objectives of this course.

Our graphic design colleges in bangalore locate ourselves at the meeting point of business necessity and artistic value, where Integrity and personal expression of art meets the purposefulness of commerce supported by a genuine insight into people and the way they feel.

The Academic Partnership with College De Paris – Ecole Conte gives an immense knowledge and an opportunity to learn distinct cultural perspectives, boost in employability, and it’s unique curriculum approaches through theoretical frameworks combined with applied learning. This method not only informs and enhances the practice but also encourages students to question the norms and scale traditional boundaries. This multi modal approach provides a coherent conceptual base and insights that can work effectively to address rapidly changing global and local market. Upon graduation, students receive BVA in Graphic Design Degree from Bengaluru North University & International Diploma in Brand Strategy from College De Paris & Ecole Conte.

As a graduate of this course, the students are equipped to take on the below set of roles;

  • Graphic Design Studios: As a designer in a graphic design studio, Start-ups, small and medium professional studios involved in a wide range of projects from conceptualization to execution.
  • Graphic Design in R&D Department of Corporations: As designer to enhance product graphics, designing collaterals and publicity material.
  • Advertising Firms: Junior to mid-level designer in the creative department of an advertising firm, able to contribute at various stages of the creative process.
  • Visual Communication Studios: As a designer working on multiple aspects of visual communication in a variety of contexts; retail, exhibition, packaging, environmental graphics, digital interfaces and emerging overlaps with other disciplines.
  • Publishing Houses: Content creation combined with image making and/or illustration, with a knowledge of publication design enables graduates to craft narratives and books in different kinds of market.
  • Independent Practice: As a contemporary visual designer, entrepreneur and design consultant.
  • Innovation Centers: As a design thinker, information designer and visual communicator.
  • Corporate companies: Brand Manager, Creative Directors, Brand Strategist, communication strategist & Design Researcher
  • Design Fundamentals – I
  • Design Language – I
  • Drawing Fundamentals- I
  • Language 1
  • Language 2
  • Open Elective
  • AECC – Digital Fluency
  • Value base – Health and Wellness and Yoga
  • Design Fundamentals – II
  • Design Language – II
  • Drawing Fundamentals- II
  • Language 1
  • Language 2
  • Open Elective
  • AECC – Digital Fluency
  • Value base – Health and Wellness and Yoga
  • Graphic Design & Communication – I
  • Typography design
  • Digital media – I
  • Language 1
  • Language 2
  • Open Elective
  • AECC – Financial Education and Investment Awareness
  • Value base – Sports and Culture
  • Graphic Design & Communication – II
  • Advanced Typography
  • Digital media – II
  • Language 1
  • Language 2
  • Open Elective
  • AECC – Financial Education
  • Value base – Sports and Culture
  • Theory of Advertising Design I
  • Graphic Design for Gaming
  • Graphic Design for Print Media
  • Advanced Illustration Techniques
  • Core Elective
  • Design Project
  • Workshops
  • Theory of Advertising Design II
  • Advertising Design & Media
  • Packaging Design and Printing Technology
  • Digital Illustration Technique
  • Core Elective
  • Project Work
  • Design project
  • Workshops
  • Theory of Advertising, Visual Communication & Media I
  • Advertising Design Research Project I
  • Interaction Design
  • Core Elective
  • Portfolio Development
  • Internship / Project
  • Brand Strategy I
  • Design project
  • Workshops
  • Design & Business Management
  • Theory of Advertising, Visual Communication & Media II
  • Advertising Design Major Research Project I
  • Minor research Project II
  • Portfolio Development Final Display and Presentation of the Project
  • Brand Strategy II
  • Self Promotion & Design Management
  • Design Project
  • Workshops
Software Tools
Graphic Design Tools

Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign | Animate CC | After Effects

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