Bangalore School of Design’s strength derives from the quality, dedication, and expertise of its faculty. Our renowned faculty of designers, artists, and scholars delve deep into critical inquiry every day to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. Using various methodologies, these community leaders ask questions that spark curiosity and open up possibilities. Our students are welcomed to collaborate with faculty, ideating together to reimagine a more sustainable future. Change begins with a question. What will you ask?

Study with scholars, creators, thought leaders and practicing designers. Imagine being mentored by the great minds you most respect. Imagine learning from Bangalore’s most renowned industry experts. Imagine participating in intensive seminars led by faculty at the forefront of research and design innovation.

At Bangalore School of Design, you’ll be surrounded by teachers and mentors who are leading their fields. They bring real-world experience on the cutting edge of thought and creativity to the classroom, fostering a dynamic and demanding academic environment. Our professors encourage students to think broadly, historically, and critically.

Our faculty creates active partnerships with students. Over the years, we have achieved the core value that we preach of inculcating the concept of #WeGoBeyondCurriculum, this helps the faculty members to impart knowledge and experience to students. Bangalore School of Design maintains a healthy Teacher : Student ratio, it helps the faculty members to closely mentor the students, and guide them on their career path.

BSD ensures and strives to bring-in the best Faculty members with a minimum of 5 Years of Experience in the field of Teaching Design and professional design practitioners. Over the years, We have achieved the Core Value that we preach of inculcating the concept #WeGoBeyondCurriculum through our faculty to students.

Faculties for Interior, Architecture & Landscape Design

Vaishali Jha

Ankita Satpathy

Ankita Satpathy

Aditha Varma Raja

Niharika N Rao

Jainy Steve George

Jainy Steve George

Dipti Dineshwar

Faculties for Structural Design

Ritesh L

Suresh S Navadar

Chhaya Navandar

Faculties for Graphic Design & UI/UX

Pradyumna P S

Lakshmi Gopalkrishna

Yogesh Praveen D


Lakshmi Gopalkrishna

Lakshmi Gopalakrishna

Soumya Ravi

Hamsika Vignesh

Hamsika Vignesh

Faculties for Computer Applications, CS, UI/UX & AI/ML
Lakshmi Gopalkrishna






Lakshmi Gopalkrishna

Umair Ahmad

Gagandeep Josan

Gagandeep Josan


Harish Narayan

Non-Core Faculties

Swapnil Srivastava



Shazma Begum


S Dineshwar

Preethi Dineshwar

Sharan Desai

Arun Murugesan

Seema Ramakrishnan

Nirmala Keerthi

Pravin DV

Srikanth Rao Dandin

Visiting Faculties


Divya B T

George John

Vijay D’Souza

Sushil Koshy

Nishchal Abhaykumar

Akshar Raj Bafna

Ramya Alamuri

Mokshaa Kuttaya

Paromita Harsha

Abishek V C


Sindu Raj

Vishvan Saran

Arun Kubasad

Theerthak Rajashekar


Chiara Leonzio

Mona Fernandes

Giuseppe Morando

Lakshmi Gopalkrishna

Tricia Carrey

Scott Warren

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