A student remembers their college life for what happens outside the classroom as much as what they learn inside. Student clubs are an essential part of every student’s journey during college. Students’ clubs provide a forum for interaction among themselves and the outside world events, however varied, it may be formal or informal, but brings out the passion in youngsters and develop their organizational skills. The clubs bring about a good balance of work, fun and leisure activities and ensure the all round development of students. 

Students’ Clubs are the main hub of student activity. They provide an outlet and a stage for the creative juices of young minds and hearts. The clubs give you the chance to apply classroom learning in the outside world. This helps you to gain invaluable leadership as well as life skills. In addition to connecting other students who have similar interests, students’ clubs allow students to interact with alumni and professionals in their fields of interest.

BSD Editorial Club

The Editorial Club aims at promoting creativity and intellectual learning. The club organizes debates, writing competitions and publishes a bi annual issue of their newsletter. It also encourages students to develop a taste for research in their respective fields and also publish their writing skills and channelize their creative thoughts. The mission of the club is to include writing skills, along with design research and language to promote creative thinking while presenting their original work. This develops their design & writing skills.

BSD Cultural Club

The Cultural Club brings together students with a common interest in cultural affairs. Various events are conducted, inviting artists and performers for cultural interactions. The cultural club supports various interests and different forms of dance, music, theater and a lot more. The club organizes a spectrum week each semester for the entire student body to give them a chance to express themselves through cultural activities and fashion. The Cultural Club also participates and organizes the cultural performance for various events.

BSD Sports Club

The Sports Club is committed to providing a healthy habit to BSD students. It promotes health and wellness, teamwork and coordination. This club brings all people from diverse backgrounds under one umbrella for the love of sports. The Sports club organizes inter college sports activities, matches and days dedicated to different sports. Some of them included cricket, basketball, football, swimming and others. Value of time, precision & competitiveness are the major learning points apart from communication, coordination & teamwork.

BSD Cares

BSD cares is a initiative started by the student council and the management of Bangalore School of Design to give back to the society. “THE SMALLEST DEED CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE”
BSD’ians are contributing to the community through their various endeavors, be it spreading awareness about making changes for the environment, informing people about their rights, educating the next generation, and fighting against animal cruelty. We strive to be the spark that initiates changes and brightens lives.

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