“Our Senses evolved to work together – Vision influencing hearing, for example – Which means that we learn best if we stimulate several senses at once”.

At BSD we believe that students need to implement what they learn as practical knowledge. Each semester we introduce a hypothetical project which they design, following a design process while interacting with our experienced faculty. We culminate this journey with an external jury, where working professionals from the field give their valuable input individually to the students.

Every semester a different hypothetical or live project is introduced with progressive increase in scope and complexity. Students work on this real time which gives them an understanding of how they will be approaching design projects in the professional world. This process begins with research, understanding and learning. Students then develop their ideas, concepts and design modules all while being guided by their design mentors. They produce final presentations for their review after fine tuning and building their design ideas.
This design studio is an open discussion forum throughout the semester, where students and teachers from all semesters and batches interact and focus on design. At BSD we follow the concept that we all learn from each other through this design journey.

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