Post Graduate Diploma in Landscape Design


1 Year (2 semesters)


10+2 /PUC Pass

(with English) from any Recognized Board


Bangalore School of Design


Bangalore School of Design is offering a Post Graduate program in Landscape Design. The PGD (Landscape Design) program is a one-year skill-based professional program. The course aims to prepare students to take on landscaping works of different scales and types.

People are spending time, effort, and money on landscaping their houses, offices, schools, etc. these days as the addition of green spaces is not just a want but a need in today’s world. This has increased the demand for skilled professionals in the field of landscape design and has led people to pursue professional education in the same. The Diploma course at BSD has been curated to provide the student the right kind of information in the required subjects to be able to practice as a landscape designer.

Landscape Design is the course that deals with designing the exteriors of offices, schools, homes, museums, resorts, etc. Through the course, the art of beautifying and creating aesthetic exteriors is taught. It also includes the landscape designing of water parks, parks, and picnic spots. Landscape Design combines nature and culture to create pleasing outer zones. A student undergoing the course will get to indulge in landscape planning, flooring, maintenance, and designing. With the increase in popularity of the design industry, the professionals are esthetic to deliver fresh ideas on the platter. Landscape design has also come with merging the exteriors and interiors for a fantastic end look.

Landscape Design has an extensive range of career options and job prospects that an aspirant can consider. A few of them are landscape architect, landscape designer, residential landscape artist, institutional landscape designer, visualizer, retail designer, recreational designer, project manager – landscape designer, and more.

Students will actively acquire the practical skills and knowledge that underpin the landscape design industry in the 21st century. Studying philosophical aspects of the discipline, exploring influential landscapes, and working on live private and public sector briefs will increase your confidence and expertise. With a long-standing reputation and excellent links to industry and professional bodies -plus a strong emphasis on sustainability – this course provides an excellent foundation upon which to build a dynamic career.


This course provides a technical and cultural study of landscape design, hardscape, softscape, and design principles. The course deals with understanding plants, hardscape material and furniture, project management, design methodology, and design execution with technical knowledge.

Software Tools
Autodesk Autocad>Module-1 | Landscape Design Studio I
Studio work shall deal with an appreciation of basic landscape design issues and elements. Studio work dealing-site planning; elements of landscape design and landscape treatment in relation to the buildings; Site visit & workshop to be conducted

Module-2 | Theory of Landscape Design
Study and understand the usage of elements & Principles of landscape in history & attempt to reinterpret & examine their relevancy in today’s context. A detailed understanding on types of gardens & lawn areas will be given.

Module-3 | Plant Ecology I
To have a deep understanding of different ecologies nomenclature of Botany & understand the relationships between geology soils and vegetation. Student should be able to understand the vegetation growing pattern according to soil of different zones

Module-4 | Planting Design I
Students will get an understanding about Physical attributes of plant-materials its use in landscape design and its criteria for selection of plant material. The subject will also guide in planting principles which should be followed while planning of spaces along with planting schedule.

Module-5 | Landscape Engineering I
Coordinating the services & elements of landscape, It helps in understanding construction process &factors related to landscape detailing of hardscapes & softscape elements of landscape. New vertical gardens, fixation process and its application will be introduced.[/et_pb_tab]

Module-1 | Landscape Design Studio II
Studio work shall deal to create an understanding of ecologically
sustainable development of a landscape site in respect to adjoining buildings & climate

Module-2 | Advanced Landscape
To create a future vision in landscape growth for cities, the Combination of philosophical & practical aspects of landscape design will provide the opportunity to speculate on further direction for landscape. Students will be directed to keep a keen eye on advancement happening in field of landscape & give their own solutions to upcoming problems & crisis.

Module-3 | Cost and Estimation
To familiarize students with the Landscape Economics, Preparation of small & medium landscape project bill of quantity, Specification of different landscape elements & their costing. A project can be used as example for finding out the estimation & proper way to produce a proposal.

Module-4 | Landscape Management and Horticulture Practices
To familiarize students with Different roles within the industry and how to set up a garden design practice & its workability. This will help the students to understand the different aspects & challenges to design a garden & how to run a business.

Module-5 | Landscape Engineering II
To Coordinating the services & elements of landscape, understanding construction process &factors related, detailing of hardscapes & softscape elements. This will give information about irrigation process & types of furniture suitable to indoor or outdoor interiors.



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