Interior Design and Interior Architecture

by | May 20, 2020 | Blogs

As the world of design progresses, the advancements in technology has created a larger scope of possibilities in all fields of design. The increase in demand for better designed spaces has caused a blur of the line, between architecture and interior design. Emerging from this scene, is the fairly new term in the field of design and architecture, interior architecture.

So what does it mean to be an interior designer and what does it mean to be an interior architect? Even though they both serve the same discipline, they each have their own distinct niches.

An interior designer will focus on the space management and the aesthetic appeal of the interior spaces, once the structure has been realized. On the other hand, an interior architect is involved in the conceptualization and realization of a structure’s interiors by smoothly integrating the architectural aspect with the design of the built space.

Interior Architecture includes architectural and technical aspects of an interior space keeping in mind the artistic features. On the contrary, Interior Design involves enhancing an interior space’s functionality while creating a visually appealing ambience for the user that is achieved through ingenious use of structural elements along with decorations and soft furnishings.

Practicing interior architecture requires designers to consider pretty much everything to do with the building of an interior space including materials, finishes, electrical requirements, plumbing, lighting, ventilation, and intelligent use of space amongst other things that affect humans Interior designers on the other hand, usually take up a project after the structure is built. They handle the decor, theme, colour scheme, artwork, furniture and fixtures, upholstery etc. They would be in a position to suggest the best wallpapers, rugs and furniture to suit the theme of the space and ensure comfort.
In a world where functionality, aesthetics and comfort is given number one priority, the design community has been challenged to enhance their performance. If you take a look at the design developments and latest trends being set in the design industry, you will doubtlessly agree that we are rising to the challenges every day.

Ar. Dipti Dineshwar
Head Academics
Bangalore School of Design

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