Architecture Colleges in Bangalore
The Scope of studying in the Architecture colleges in Bangalore

Architecture colleges in Bangalore have global reputation in India as number of architecture colleges in India are growing at a fast pace in the past six decades. But the first step in joining any architecture college in bangalore is knowing about the role of architect, having in-depth knowledge about what is Interior decoration, different specializations in the course. So in this article we will discuss about the field of architecture, its specializations, the cost of the course in India, Scholarship opportunities, career opportunities after doing the course.

Why should you study in the architecture colleges in Bangalore:

Architects are the real creators of structures and amazing skyscrapers that we see and get freezed in our day to day life. The last few decades has saw tremendous growth in the field of architecture. Architecture was once considered as a profession for elite class students, but now the trends has shifted as any student who has the passion and right skills can shine in this career as many reputed architecture colleges in Bangalore city has started coming up providing quality education.

A four years B.Arch course which is offered by private and government colleges in India costs between 150000- 3,50000. The student who could not afford B.Arch could opt for BSc interior decoration / design courses or Diploma courses in Interior decoration which will be of one year duration and whose fees would be in the range of 1,30000- 200000. Aga Khan Foundation offers scholarships for Architecture students and National Overseas Scholarships are also available to students belonging to SC, ST,Nomadic Tribes.

The various names for this position across various industries are

  • Architect
  • Architecture Engineer
  • Architecture Designer
  • Interior Designer

The initial package for the architects will range between INR 20,000 to INR 50,000. Independent architects have ample scope of earning money in the field of interior decoration. Although there are more than 200 colleges in the country which offers architecture course only few colleges offer the right quality content and industry oriented pedagogy to its students and the architecture colleges in bangalore are those few among them.

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