Interior Decoration

Interior decoration is how one experiences spaces and is a powerful and imperative part of daily lives. Designers develop the design in such a way that it looks easy and comfortable. However, it depends upon the requirements as well. Space usage and aesthetics affect our emotions. In past, consumers longed for exterior designs but now the demand has changed. If one were to estimate the requirement of interior designer, that would be 15 of them with respect to one architect. This is because real estate and construction firms employ a lot of designers.

Career Prospects in Interior Decoration field:

If one looks around, he/she will find that scope of this field is not just limited to the homes and offices but also multiplexes, cinema halls, shopping malls, hotels and whatnot. Interior Decorators are highly demanded in consulting offices, corporate design departments, consumer products, etc. Interior designers get to work with people from a diverse background like architects, engineers, craftsmen, and businessmen. Bangalore School of Design is one of the best colleges which offers a competitive course in this field. Below are some of the deliverables about the college:

  • Uniquely designed and equally rewarding course structure
  • College niche being the Interior Decoration with diverse courses available
  • Peer group with creative flair and vision
  • Professional faculty with high experience in the industry
  • Convenient and fast-growing neighborhood of North Bangalore, surrounded by students from other leading institutes
  • New generation computer devices well-equipped with the tools like AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, 3Ds Max, etc.

Choosing interior decoration as a career choice provides a guaranteed career. The career is highly skill-based which relies on the talent and qualification. This field is for someone who is observant of every minute detail and seeks to master the finest aspects of interior design. Bangalore School of Design furnishes the students with the platform to hone the latent artistic skills that they might wish for.

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