Tuition & Fees

You are about to start your career journey in interior design or delving deeper into it, Bangalore School of Interior Design is fully well equipped to prepare you for professional success in the field of interior designing. Our strong professional focus reflects in our course structure, where our students are given access to internships and meetings with designers, providing a real-world experience and can gain knowledge. We live in a world of networking and the valuable connections that you will make here will go a long way in dictating the course of your career. Deserving best candidates also get an incentive.

Textbooks, stationery supplies, and industry visits can contribute to additional expenses in
most courses.

The right to alter the tuition and fee schedule resides with BSD. Accepted students who choose to attend BSD must pay a refundable enrollment deposit to secure their place in the program.

The College offers a variety of financial aid programs and Tuition Management Systems that offer a plan under which students may arrange to finance their tuition with monthly payments on a per-semester basis for a nominal fee.

*For NRI fee information, please contact the admission coordinator.

Tuition and all applicable fees must be paid within 15 calendar days after course reservations are approved by an academic advisor. Tuition and all applicable fees are due at the time of course reservation and approval at some point prior to the beginning of the semester. Students may pay 50% of the semester’s tuition at the time of registration and the balance by the deadline approximately 15 days before the beginning of the semester. Students must check the academic calendar on the portal and in the Course Bulletin for all important registration and payment deadlines.Students are required to review their student account regularly and to inform the Administrator’s Office of any discrepancies. Tuition deposits paid at the time of acceptance into a program can be applied to tuition at the time of registration.

Before a student is eligible to register for a given semester,tuition and fees for all previous semesters must be paid in full. All outstanding balances must be paid in full for the release of grades, transcripts, or any other official records. If an overdue account is referred to a collection agency the student agrees to reimburse the school the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 50% of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees the school incurs in such collection efforts.The College accepts credit cards (American Express,MasterCard, and VISA) for online payments and accepts checks payable to Bangalore School of Interior Design,money orders, or credit cards for payment in person in the Office of the Administration or by mail. Early registration is advisable for all courses.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

The institution will follow the below refund policies:

Sl. No

Percentage of refund of aggregate fees*

Point of time when notice of withdraw of admission is served to BSD



15 days before the formally-notified last date of admission



Not more than 15 days after the formally-notified last date of admission



More than 15 days but less than 30 days after formally-notified last date of admission



More than 30 days after formally-notofied last date of admission

Cancellation of admission must be processed in person and in writing along with all the original receipts received from the College.

BSD reserves the right to refuse acceptance of Fee collection from students on any specific grounds laid down by College authorities. Student fee cancellations are not permitted by BSD until end of the academic year to which the fee dues pertain. Refund requests must be made by the student to appropriate college authority irrespective of the fact that he had made use of the online facility for effecting fee remittance. Refund requests must include the name of the student department and/or transaction number nature of fee and semester.

“Surcharge amount will not be refunded/ revered back to customer”

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