Foundations Product & Industrial Design

Certification Program


3 Weeks
(Online Program)




10+2 /PUC Pass

(with English) from any Recognized Board


Bengaluru North University


Product and Industrial Design is integral to the societies that we live in today. It is a less known fact that every small object, right from the toothbrush you start your day with, to the laptops and phones you are reading this on right now are carefully designed objects that aim to make the user’s life easier. Now as we gain a deeper understanding of the role of design in our daily lives, companies and people ,the world over is realizing the value of meaningful and empathetic design.

This course is designed to introduce you to the world of product design and give you an understanding of the steps that go into creating a well-rounded product and experience.

The course is for you if:

  1. You have always wondered how objects around you are made and who decides what they should be like.
  2. You have a keen interest in understanding the work that goes behind creating delightful objects like Google home or even an Ipad!
  3. You have a lot of ideas, and now want to learn how to translate them into more practical concepts that can be showcased.
  4. You want to explore the option of pursuing a creative career.
  5. You are a curious person who is excited to try something different!

This Course Aims to:

    • Give students a basic understanding of what Product design is and how it is practiced by various companies.
    • Help students create a design brief by analyzing users and their pain points.
    • Develop a sense of empathy and approach design challenges from a user-centric point of view.
    • Enable students to generate a multitude of ideas related to a brief and further learn to filter and develop these ideas based on their potential to create a meaningful impact on the user’s life.
    • Assist students with different ways to present their concepts and develop their sketching and storyboarding skills to effectively communicate their ideas.

The course will be taught in the form of a hands-on design project to help students learn while practicing and implementing these learnings. The following areas will be covered as the students work on their project:

    1. What is a product design and what role does it play in our life?
    2. Creating a Design brief and defining constraints
    3. Design research and User Analysis
    4. Concept Ideation and Creation
    5. Product Sketching Basics
    6. Concept Development and refinement


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