3 Pearls of Wisdom for Every Design Student

Advice for Design Students

The world of design is a world of creativity, originality, and innovation. It is constantly changing and evolving. Design, being multi-faceted and as creative as it is, it is also full of logic and utility. In order to do more than just survive in this industry, and create out of the box solutions to the design problems, constantly staying on top of your game is the key. Here are some things to remember if you are a design student:

Understanding the Elements of Design

There is no better talent than “understanding” when it comes to the creative fields. Understanding the elements of design and how to use them in different ways is something that can only be learned through experience. Take time to work through what you see and what it can be seen as. In order to become a good designer, it is necessary to be able to observe and perceive. Practice is the foundation of any art. Whether it is theory or practical, it all comes together to help you in the future. It is the little things you pick up from all around you, constantly observing, that bring out the designer in you. In all of this, understanding and acquiring the ability to apply the tools of design are the key aspects. This practice comes in the form of projects while applying the aspects of design in school/college or on the job.

Learn Constantly and Consistently

As human beings evolve, so does their way of interacting with the space around them. Reasonably so, the design industry changes constantly. As a design student, you must learn to love learning constantly. In order to make it in this competitive industry, a designer must always stay on top of their game. More than just keeping up with the times, it is important to think ahead, and think different. To put that thought into perspective, some time ago, design schools did not have CAD at every desk in the school. Now, that seems unimaginable. Keeping this in mind, you must be prepared to acquire new skills and adapt to changes in the future. You will need to learn and grow constantly in order to compete and stay ahead of the competition. Design students need to be generally curious. They must love to learn and be open to changes. They must constantly seek out information and feed their curiosity.

Design your Career Wisely

As a student of design, you must prepare diligently for an industry as big and challenging as this one. It is important for you to start grooming yourself from your student days. Challenges and problem solving can be quite beneficial to your creative process. Being able to channel your originality and vision, even in high-stress situations, is an ability that all designers must possess. These skills along with your creative thinking will put you on the map in the design fraternity. You can master these skills through practical experience. In a field such as design, there is only so much you can learn in a classroom. The rest comes from putting in the time and work.

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