As the saying goes, “The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.”

Here, in Bangalore school of design we aspire to curate the young dynamic minds to not only provide them with a variety of knowledge by developing their hard skills and soft skills but also envisage to reflect the gained knowledge to actions. The students here are trained to be skilled in different areas of their study by maximizing the exposure to the industry where every exposure leads to an opportunity from which one can build their satisfying career.

The vision is carried by the most experienced, responsible, leading individuals with well-crafted knowledge and skills in the industry who are endless in giving and training the young minds to evolve and achieve the best in the world. Things here are set in a well organized system where we not only excel in the prescribed degree but also learn beyond to excel and sharpen one’s skills in the field.

Come join our journey of designing a better world to live in and encourage talents of all ages proving to set a benchmark where it is never too late to learn and achieve your passion. Let’s celebrate the partnership of passion and profession in Bangalore school of design.


Sharan Desai is the principal of Bangalore School of Design. He is a graduate of architecture from BMS College of Engineering and then completed his masters in urban design and city planning from the university of oklahoma in the USA. He has been teaching students of architecture and design for more than seven years. Sharan believes strongly in bringing change to the society, he has started and conducted several events, workshops and organizations that have created an impact for the betterment of our cities and communities.

Sharan Desai


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