What is Interior Design

Interior design is all regarding how we experience spaces. It’s a powerful, vital part of our daily lives and affects how we live, work, play, and even mend. Comfortable and spacious homes, functional workplaces, well structured and beautiful public spaces are all the product of intelligent interior designing.

The best part of interior designers make it look easy, comfy, crafting spaces that deliver our needs and appeal to our emotions, but in reality a broad set of skills and technical knowledge is required for this seemingly effortless task. Interior design has changed significantly since the early 20th century when it was just beginning to emerge as a genuine profession.

As India starting globalizes, many foreign multinationals outsource & off-shore their services to India. However, as tastes evolve, the Indian consumer has become more demanding in all their expectations – both in terms of space competence & aesthetics. While at one time, consumers were willing to settle for a building that was architecturally more attractive from the outside, the modern consumer demands far more from the interior; after all, we spend most of the time inside a building than outside it. The interior of a space is not just a vanity item but an element that influences the efficiency of the personnel working inside it.

Now-a-days, the design comes as a good package. Real Estate and Construction firms also employ a lot of interior designers, so as to offer a complete package, ready to move in, plug & play, to their customers. The proportion of architects to interior designers required by industry is 1: 15 i.e. for every each architect employed, the 15 interior designers are required – hence the career potential is huge for interior designers and has more competencies. And it is not just homes or offices, but multiplexes, cinema halls, restaurants, shopping malls – all of them require interior designers today.

Interior designers work with many of the people like contractors, architects, engineers, craftsmen, furniture dealers, and business and home owners. To become a successful interior designer, you need a well-rounded education and the necessary skills to work within many disciplines (architecture; graphic design; decorative arts; and textile, furniture, and lighting design).

In terms of Career Prospects in Interior Design are high. Interior Designers work can work in consulting offices, corporate design departments, and government design agencies, working on consumer and industrial products, building equipment systems, and public and corporate communication projects. Bangalore School of Design offers the best training and guidance in this area.


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