BSD Workshops

Most Learning is not the result of instruction. It’s rather the result of unhampered participation in a meaningful setting.

  • Problem Solving

    The student’s were advised to come out with a solution for the Congestion in Nagawara Signal.The real scenario, had helped the students to visit the spot, analyse, think, talk to a couple of commuters and traffic inspectors,to understand the issue.

    Conducted by – Ar. Dineshwar
  • Clay and Pottery

    The students were given a brief introduction of the Clay’s, and different types of Clay, and later the students were allowed and guided to turn a lump of clay into something artistic by Pottery Wheel.

    Conducted by – Artfully Yours
  • Communication in Design

    Unbind is an organic platform that aims to bridge the gap between academics and practice in architecture, interiors and design. They make learning a hands-on experience. Design thinking principles form the core of their organisation, and they believe learning is something that happens the most through interactions of a different kind.

    Conducted by – Unbind
  • User Experience

    Design Barn invited our students to their studio for an introductory session into design thinking. The students played some interactive games, and attended hands-on workshops on user experience design.

    Conducted by – Design Barn
  • Web Design

    The students created their own website through, which helped them to design the layout, plan the website, prepare the content, and test the functionality.

    Conducted by – Mr. Ritesh L
  • Furniture & Fittings Workshop

    The workshop was conducted by Blum – Hafele, where the team of technicians had come down from Mumbai, with various parts and fittings, and presented the students various options to consider while designing an interior space, and the functionality based on Clients requirement and comfortness.

    Conducted by – Blum
  • Bridge Making (Structural Insights)

    The students had decided on a type of bridge as a common design and the team had their designs sketched on Papers, and then made a model with the help of sticks, later, the students added some weight on it to check the sustainability.

    Conducted by – Mr. Ritesh L
  • Anthropometry

    One of the first basic things any designer must understand is human dimensions of anthropometry. We conducted an interactive, hands on workshop to ensure that these basics are grasped from the start.

    Conducted by – Ar. Dipti Dineshwar
  • Design Interface in Interior Design

    An inhouse workshop that was designed specifically for students to think beyond the customary parameters of design. This ‘Through a lense’ workshop encouraged them to view scale and proportion from a different perspective.

    Conducted by – Ar. Dineshwar
  • Scale Model Making

    A model making workshop was conducted to enable the students to present through scaled models. This is an important skill that adds value to the students repertoire.

    Conducted by – Ar. Banuteja

Design Studio

At BSD we believe that students need to implement what they learn as practical knowledge. Each semester we introduce a hypothetical project which they design, following a design process while interacting with our experienced faculty. We culminate this journey with an external jury, where working professionals from the field give their valuable input individually to the students.

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