BSD is one of the best “designing” college in Bangalore, where the students not only learn about the subject theoritically but also practically from faculty memebers who are “expertised” in this field.


Sri Vidhya S

Bsc, Fourth Semester

For the past semesters spent in BSD made me experience my dormant talent. BSD made me experience different possibilities which helped to better myself and the one’s around me. The staff and teachers brought about change in the way of thinking. BSD made me explore possibilities which brought about different perspective of looking at things.


Anthony Patrick J J

Bsc, Fourth Semester

I Mir Mehdi Ali studying in Bangalore school of design 2nd Sem. I had a passion to become an Interior designer, I feel I made a good choice by choosing this college as faculties are friendly and supportive which helps us enhancing our creativity level. Everything we learn is completely practical. Environ provides by the college motivates us to concentrate on our career.


Mir Mehdi Ali

Bsc, Second Semester

I am Sanjana R, studying in Bangalore school of Design, 2nd Semester. Bangalore school of design is the best college for Interior designing. We have great faculty and experienced lecturers. The design project which is an extra curricular activity for us, gives us practical knowledge. We have been given great exposure here and we are not only imparted knowledge through the medium of books, but are also given practical learning sessions so that we gain a better understanding of things.


Sanjana R

Bsc, Second Semester

I Sarvagnya Sagi , am a student of 2nd semester in Bangalore school of Design. “Bangalore school of Design” is a place which gives the best to the field of Interior Designing. This is where hardworkers and smart workers can achieve high in their goals with practical knowledge. We have very well experienced faculty with a homely atmosphere. It is a place of excitement and each day becomes full of oppurtunities , adventure and discovery.


Sarvagnya Sagi

Bsc, Second Semester

“Bangalore school of Design is a place of learning, fun, oppurtunity to explore things creatively. My 6 months journey have been excellent and a memory to cherish. It has been very grateful with the supportive faculties, where they give sparks to our wings to fly. We started realising how much creativity left in us after we started doing our design here. We have no boundaries over our thoughts and we share so many new ideas.We got all the priviledge like staying late for work. In the short term we gained lots of knowledge and skills, Due to all this my Diploma course has been more intersting and keen to learn more.”

Sajjani N

Diploma in Interior design, Second Semester

My days in Bangalore school of design made me more enthusiastic and interesting which gives me more oppurtunitiesto develop my creative skills and enrich my knowledge to learn , and to grow gradually. My days are organised in a proffessional manner with the help of our excellent and supportive faculties . The learning experiences everyday made me to explore new things. My experience has been a wonderful balance of knowledge, skills and fun.

Sandhya K

Diploma in Interior design, Second Semester


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