Faculty of Interior Architecture & Graphic Design

Sathkeerthi studied Bachelors in Architecture from University School of Design, Mysore. He has over three years of industrial experience in Architecture, Interior Design and Graphic design. Sathkeerthi has a diverse range of subject interests. His interests are aligned towards sustainability, interior design, fashion tourism, architecture journalism and social media related graphic design. He has taken part in various design events pertaining to architecture, design and journalism. He has been a part of the design team that finished top ten in NASA design trophies and also personally handled architecture journalism that finished in the top five in NASA competitions. He found himself guiding his juniors with competitions and their work and soo realised his passion for teaching. He now handles graphic design and interior architecture subjects at BSD. Apart from his profession, he likes to make sketches, travel, research, grow plants and write poetry. He is also associated with various commercial builders and real estate.