1st Semester B.Sc. Interior Design Student Work

At Bangalore School of Design, we strongly believe in and instill, a hands-on approach. Students are encouraged to explore their creativity, design capability, and niche by working on sheets, models, mood boards, etc. Ideas are allowed to flow freely liberating our students’ creative prowess.

One design project is worked on every semester, giving students a sense of real-life challenges. The project is approached by initially studying and understanding the task via physical and digital case studies. These insights coupled with their creative ideas are used by the students to come up with design solutions. They present their concepts in forms of sheets that represent their drawings, models that help in spatial understanding and mood boards that enable students to explore all possible finishes, color schemes, furnishing, etc. This approach drives the students to not just gain textbook knowledge but also encourages them to apply the theory taught into practical knowledge and gives them an understanding of the reality of spaces and functions.

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