Why Journalism?

“When students learn to make sense out of their world. They become the people who will transform it.” – John Spencer

Bachelors in Journalism + Design is a hub for journalism’s vanguard. This interdisciplinary program combines the rigorous critical thinking of Bangalore School of Design with creative design thinking. You learn reporting and design skills needed to open up new professional avenues in today’s complex, competitive media ecosystem and develop the creative capacity to thrive in any field that values imagination, agility, and insight.

In an age of nonstop digital information and misinformation, fact-based storytelling is more vital to the democratic process than ever. Journalism + Design program becomes grounded in the fundamentals of serious journalism while being pushed to expand its boundaries.

Journalism curriculum covers principles of journalism i.e. reporting, writing, ethical and legal principles. As a graduate you will be ready to take up roles such as reporter, editor, writer, storyteller, investigative journalist, sports reporter and more.

Political science curriculum focuses on critical thinking, data analysis, and ethical reasoning and provides you with knowledge about current and past events across the world. Career path such as policy analyst, consulting, government liaison, teaching, research writer, and more.

With a foundation in journalism, ability to think strategically is mastered and persuasive communication is taught & practiced throughout the program. As a graduate you’re ready to take up roles in PR agencies, politics, speech writers, crisis management & more.

To build on the foundation of journalism, “Design” curriculum trains you towards a complex media ecosystem and develops the creative capacity to thrive in any field that values imagination, agility, and insight.

To build further to Design curriculum & journalism foundation, skill sets that the industry seeks are plugged into the Journalism + Design Program. Creation, managing content for both electronic audio & video media, traditional radio & television, streaming media, and social media.

Design tools, in the age of remote working / work from home concepts. Individuals are required to be multi talented and master all auxiliary skillsets. This gives you an edge over others and uniquely position you as an highly talented candidate.


Important Things You Should Know:

  • Experiments with new courses regularly (360 Video, Food in Media, Virtual Reality for Social Good, Solutions Journalism, Audience Engagement, and more…)
  • Broadcast news (TV and radio) will now fall under the journalism curriculum
  • Industry tailored program 
  • Program provides cutting edge instructions and pedagogy to students
  • Cross discipline increases the chance of employability & development of multiple skill sets while mastering journalism.

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