Health & Safety

The safety of our students remains our topmost priority. To ensure a safe and conductive environment for our students, faculty and staff, we have crafted safety policies that will be strictly to in our campus.


BSD plans to restore its campuses and classroom learning when the Govt. of India lifts lockdown on educational institutions, by implementing the below measures:

Step 1: Campus Infrastructure Cleanse

Facility Readiness
  • Ensure readiness of HVAC, ESS, STP, Fire Systems, Water works, UPS and Lifts.
  • Basic cleaning of, cafe, huddle spaces, common areas, Classrooms & Labs, meeting rooms & washrooms.
Deep Cleaning
  • Deep cleaning offices/ classrooms/ labs / meeting rooms.
  • Utility checks: Water storage tanks, roof top water tank & watercoolers cleaning, restart STPs.
Sanitization/ Disinfection with UV
  • Labs/ ESS/ Panels & pumps (UV)
  • Computers/ Laptops & IT eqpt (UV)
  • Washrooms / pantries / kitchens (Sanitizers + UV)
  • All outside areas, entrances, basements & boundary walls

Step 2: Back to Campus Plan: Managing Precautionary  Measures

Campus Access Protocol
  • Thermal Screening of students, faculty/staff, outsourced staff & visitors.
  • On-line submission of self-declaration forms one day prior.
All passengers will dismount except drivers for thermal screening

Step 3: Health & Emotional Safety Management

Social Distancing
  • Re-arrangement of seating in classrooms, offices, labs & café.
  • Maintain 6 ft. seating in offices and meeting rooms.
  • Masks to be worn by all.
  • Initiate telemedicine concept.
  • Specialist e-consultation & lab tie-up.
  • Provision of medicine on demand.
  • Clear process on dealing with all COVID cases (day scholars & hostellers)


Implementing sanitization and dis-infection procedures:

  • No Bio-metric (finger touch) swiping for attendance
  • Use of touchless technology
  • No water through water coolers. All students & staff to bring their own water. Only packaged water available on sale at campus
  • Cleaning of all water tanks and testing the water quality (at outlet) for bacteriological contaminants & monitoring
  • Lift & elevators protocols
  • Entire office premises to have at least one round of pesticide control activity before resuming the office
  • Appropriate PPE like Face covers, Masks, Goggles, Gloves, Coats, Shoes & appropriate disinfecting gadgets for medical staff & security / HK teams
  • Display board regarding the procedure of disinfection shall be displayed at entrances / prominent places.

The chemical having quaternary ammonium, sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide as active ingredient should be used for area disinfection. A consent from all parents for all students before they join college will be mandatory.

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