Continuity of Education


A comprehensive framework designed to overcome the limitations thrown by COVID-19. Starting with VLS (Virtual Learning Sessions) and  continued to Intense on Campus face to face learning. It includes customized teaching and learning plans for BSD students based on their year of the program. Our academic experts have developed learning tools to keep a high standard of design education, and it can be adapted for long-term implementation.

Creative Learning Framework

Part 1

Virtual Learning Sessions (September 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021)

For existing and new students, the semester will begin from September 2 and September 9 onwards, respectively. There will be online classes, webinars, masterclasses as per the curriculum and personalized mentoring sessions as per a student’s needs. Bangalore School of Design will also provide them with essentials like ‘Design from Home’ kit to create a home studio. It will include essentials for a Interior Design class, Graphic Design, etc. based on the requirement of the semester. This initiative has been taken to ensure that students do not miss on practical projects and hands-on experiences due to lack of resources.

Part 2
Intense On campus Face to Face Learning (October 1, 2021 Onwards) *Tentatively

On-campus classes will begin from October 1, and it will be the intense phase of the semester. Classes will be conducted all days of the week; there will be extra practical hours and studio hours, two full shifts a day and reduced winter break. The Bangalore School of Design  campus will open with all safety precautions in place as per the government guidelines. However, online classes will also be conducted for students who are unable to or do not want to attend on-campus classes.

Your Safety is Our Responsibility: 

  • Social Distancing in campus
  • Sanitization & Disinfection
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Temperature screening
  • Mandatory masks & face-shields

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