Accreditations & Academic Partnerships

Leadership and innovation in art and design, management and other design disciplines, The Bangalore School of Design is uniquely positioned to engage international universities, organisations, and governments in joint initiatives and projects.

Our global engagement began in 2019, the first overseas academic partnership with Europe’s leading design institution College De Paris – Ecole Conte. To meet the highest standards in the field of Design education BSD’s international programs and select electives are imparted in association with our International Academic partnership.

To adhere to domestic laws and regulations, Bangalore School of Design institution is recognised by Government of Karnataka, India and affiliated to Bengaluru North University for all undergraduate academic programs.

Our approach is collaborative: working with our partners to identify points of confluence and opportunities to apply our competencies, adapting to local environments, promoting transnational dialogue, and gaining greater cultural fluency and insights through these reciprocal relationships.

We seek to build productive relationships founded upon mutual understanding and respect, as well as a commitment to sustainability, social justice, progressive values, urban equality, and access.

Bangalore North University

The Government of Karnataka has notified the establishment of Bengaluru North University by trifurcating the erstwhile Bangalore University through its University Gazette Notification dated: 13-08-2015. It strives to achieve its vision of becoming a nationally and globally recognized institution through quality teaching, excellence in Research, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and dissemination of knowledge for promotion and development of human society. To know more visit

Collège De Paris

Having an Academic Partnership with one of the leading design college in Paris, it ensures students at BSD get awareness and adoption of alternative, multi-faceted approaches of learning through Internationalization, and enhances the quality of education because of the standards set by the International institute, and also helps students with the ability to study, work and travel in an International capacity. Visit

Ecole Conte

Ecole Conte has a recognized experience. Halfway between creation and professionalization, the school’s curriculum is designed to train the trends and creators of tomorrow. Its mission is to promote, in all fields, French know-how through training. All of the Collège de Paris institutions share three key values: international openness, pedagogical excellence, individualized support for students.

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