Interior Design Master Class

The Interior Design Master Class program is an online certification that provides the same rigor & quality of education we provide on campus, but with great flexibility. BSD’s international guest faculty come from Italy, Singapore & United Kingdom, and design faculty from India teach all the modules online, while the learning goals are the same as onsite programs. This program is conducted via a virtual classroom and not a self-paced model.

This program is suited for the students of Architecture, Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Design, Civil Engineers, and individuals who are interested to master Interior Design.

Complete Online Classes. No portfolio required for enrollment.


BSD is a great learning institution because of its faculty. They come from a variety of backgrounds and bring practical & theoretical experience from their professional lives.

Master Class program’s class size is restricted to 15 members per class so the students & professors get to engage for longer durations. As International faculty member Giuseppe Morando says, “The students want to know what you have to say; they respect you. There is definitely a sense of mutual respect. You don’t see that at a lot of other schools.”


Giuseppe Morando
Architect & Designer

Giuseppe lives and breathes design to the holt. He is constantly striving to raise the bar and pushing the boundaries, ensuring the product is aligned with the design aspiration. His genuine Speculative approach has taken him to explore new paths with clients and manufactures to design & produce cutting edge products and architecture. He is a founder of OSW, a networked research group of architects and designers based in Italy, USA, and UK. Giuseppe has worked with Studio Marco Piva-Milan and Zaha Hadid Architects in London and headed the Design at Urban Frame in Bangalore (Space Matrix Group)

Awards: AAP American Architecture Prize – Interior Design Category | World Architecture Award, Finalist project – Interior Design Category – Marquis Club with Urban Frame | Lexus Design Award, Finalist project – Marquis Club with Urban Frame | USGBC Excellence in Sustainability Award Gold Prize – Project of note | ACADIA Conference – Design Agency – Project Selected, Los Angeles, USA | Giovanni Gallil Award 2001, by Silent Gliss and Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milan, Architecture category | IN/Arch Campania Award – Italy, Health Headquarter, enevento, Italy | Metra Award – Local Health Headquarter, Benevento, Italy

Ferhan Azman
Architect & Designer

Ferhan Azman is an award winning Turkishborn architect, living in London. She studied architecture in Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, before moving to London in 1988, and has worked on large-scale commercial developments, including Canary Wharf. In 1993 Ferhan established her own practice, Azman Architects, which has completed projects for Alexander McQueen and Konditor & Cook, as well as undertaking the design of a Vivienne Westwood exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The practice has built a reputation for remodelling private homes – creating timeless bespoke spaces which have been widely recognised and published. The Concrete House, was awarded an RIBA Award and a Civic Trust Award in 2003, and the house for Isabella Blow won praise from English Heritage and was nominated for a RIBA regional award.


The Master Class program’s curriculum is finely crafted by the minds of renowned designers, topics such as critical thinking, design as a solution, light as a design tool, colour theory, and design history are building a strong understanding of the technical & aesthetic principles essential to comprehend space planning

Introduction to Interior Design

Learn the basics of history, the importance of lighting in design & develop a habit to observe spaces. Building the fundamentals will result in you being a good designer.

  • Interior design as a discipline
  • Interior design history 
  • Spatial composition
  • Elements of design
  • Principles of design
  • Furniture & Interior Design

Space Planning

Learn to conceptualise the space planning for creative solutions through understanding colours, scale, furnitures, proportions, wall & floor treatments.

  • Observation
  • Anthropometry and ergonomics
  • What is spatial organisation
  • How to study a space
  • How to plan a scape

Colour and Furnishings in Interiors

Colour parameters and its implications for designers and architectural purposes.
This module covers identification and use of colours towards interior cohesiveness
of given spaces. Examine colour harmony, hues, combinations and qualities.
Furnishing is a key for a given space to become fully operational and in this
module you learn the right way to do that.

  • Introduction to colour
  • Colour palettes
  • Colour psychologys
  • Colours in interiors
  • Furnishing and it’s type

Design Project (Residential / Commerical)

Students will explore the design process for a residential OR commercial  project. Finding a viable & interesting solution to design problems such as widows, ceilings, doors, floors & wall treatments. They begin with a concept and develop their idea through a series of discussions. This module is a project-based learning.

  • What is a commercial design
  • What is residential design
  • Case studies
  • Design project

Elective Modules

A student can choose three modules apart from the above modules to complement their special interest in an interior space

  • Lighting in Interiors
  • Furniture Design
  • Kitchen Detailing
  • Bedroom Detailing
  • Bathroom Detailing


  • Basic Drafting
  • Basic Rendering

Guest Lectures

Our international guest faculty will interact with students during the duration of the course. These guest lecture provide students with the opportunity to learn from the leading designers across the world. Award winning architects and designers will be giving talks on important aspects of the design process and sharing their thought process through their work.


Who should Join this program?

  • Students of Architecture, Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Product Design, Design & Fashion Design can learn from the international faculty. Discussions will be based on real projects that have been carried out around the world and a deep dive into their rich experience of international faculty.Individuals interested in developing skills that can be applied to space planning or interior decor.
  • Prospective students  looking to learn Interior Design. For students continuing with BSD for an undergraduate program has an advantage of earning extra credits.
  •   Individuals interested in developing skills that can be applied to space planning or interior decor. 
  • Designers who want to expand their portfolio to include a professional taught certificate.

What you’ll gain from this program?

  • An understanding of design thinking, bringing a solution through design process, understanding and planning of space, and use of colour & textures.
  • Exposure to International Projects & learn execution process that is been practiced world wide.
  • Learn from Design experts from around the world for professional success.
  • Gain a certificate that adds professional value to your resume for your interview applications.

How you’ll learn?

  • Engaging live classroom seminars, project based learning, engaging video lectures and discussion with industry experts.
  • 1 on 1 interaction with design professor on project & modules 
  • Assessments & implementation of theory on practical projects results in yielding real world skills & assets.

When are the Classes?

  • 4 Days a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
  • 2 Session a day. 45 Mins each session.
  • Lectures are conducted via Online Platform (Webinar) & reviews/discussion will happen over Zoom or Google Meet.

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