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Bangalore School of Design is offering a Post Graduate program in Landscape Design. The PGD (Landscape Design) program is a one-year skill-based professional program. The course aims to prepare students to take on landscaping works of different scales and types.

People are spending time, effort, and money on landscaping their houses, offices, schools, etc. these days as the addition of green spaces is not just a want but a need in today’s world. This has increased the demand for skilled professionals in the field of landscape design and has led people to pursue professional education in the same. The Diploma course at BSD has been curated to provide the student the right kind of information in the required subjects to be able to practice as a landscape designer.

Landscape Design is the course that deals with designing the exteriors of offices, schools, homes, museums, resorts, etc. Through the course, the art of beautifying and creating aesthetic exteriors is taught. It also includes the landscape designing of water parks, parks, and picnic spots. Landscape Design combines nature and culture to create pleasing outer zones. A student undergoing the course will get to indulge in landscape planning, flooring, maintenance, and designing. With the increase in popularity of the design industry, the professionals are esthetic to deliver fresh ideas on the platter. Landscape design has also come with merging the exteriors and interiors for a fantastic end look.

Landscape Design has an extensive range of career options and job prospects that an aspirant can consider. A few of them are landscape architect, landscape designer, residential landscape artist, institutional landscape designer, visualizer, retail designer, recreational designer, project manager – landscape designer, and more.

Students will actively acquire the practical skills and knowledge that underpin the landscape design industry in the 21st century. Studying philosophical aspects of the discipline, exploring influential landscapes, and working on live private and public sector briefs will increase your confidence and expertise. With a long-standing reputation and excellent links to industry and professional bodies -plus a strong emphasis on sustainability – this course provides an excellent foundation upon which to build a dynamic career.

This course provides a technical and cultural study of landscape design, hardscape, softscape, and design principles. The course deals with understanding plants, hardscape material and furniture, project management, design methodology, and design execution with technical knowledge.

Semester 1

Module-1 | Landscape Design research and methodology

This module will include introductory sessions into landscape design and its parallels. The course prepares students with the understanding and skills needed to rigorously design, conduct, report, and evaluate research. Students will be exposed to a variety of cutting-edge research practices and learn to introduce them to their design process.

Module-2 | Landscape Planning Principles

Landscape principles are specifically related to designing and executing landscape design as the canvas for a landscape designer is ever-changing and growing. Keeping this in mind, this course details the elements and principles of design and how it applies to the planning and execution of landscape works. Students will study this through practical application.

Module-3 | Cultural Context – Historic and Contemporary Landscapes

This module allows students to investigate the contemporary and historic context of the profession of landscape architecture, through the study of environmental, social, cultural, and economic factors that are influencing the development of landscapes and gardens in both urban and rural areas throughout the world. The module will include an opportunity to explore supported and unsupported visits to contemporary landscapes.

Module-4 | Understanding Plants

This module enables students with an in-depth understanding of plants – their types, names, and properties. The students will be able to relate their knowledge on plants with the application of design principles taught in the other units to create well-composed design outputs.

Module-5 | Landscape Design Studio I

This module aims to help students develop their knowledge, skill, expertise & professionalism as a designer, through exercises, tutorials, lectures & studio workshops. Specialist projects, with requirements, enable them to gain experience in developing design proposals at a range of scales and in varied contexts, together with experience professional presentation & knowledge of real project issues.


Semester 2

Module-1  | Sustainable Technology in Landscape

This module develops a detailed understanding of the design potential of hard construction materials, water management, topography, and plants in the creation and detailing of sustainable landscape projects. It also encourages students to consider how an understanding of the ecological processes of a landscape can guide the use and choice of construction and planting strategies and the selection of hard and soft materials. The course will introduce the means of professionally representing both hard construction and planting designs as an applied outcome.

Module-2 | Representational and Presentation Techniques

This module enables the students to investigate and understand the legislative framework into which the landscape at the strategic level operates. Understanding these landscape design principles will increase their creativity while at the same time help them generate new ideas. The course also provides an introduction to visual presentation and communication in the landscape. It will develop basic skills and confidence in the use of a variety of digital media including AutoCAD, SketchUp Pro, and Adobe Photoshop.

Module-3 | Hardscaping and Material Study

This module is intended to teach students techniques and methods of types of hardscape and its construction. The course also deals with different materials and how they respond to the design aspect of landscaping. The hardscape study is equally important in landscape design and hence this course focuses on teaching students to understand the design and technical details of hardscape.

Module-4 | Urban Future in Landscape

This module enables students to draw upon a range of theoretical texts and in combination with creative propositions, create a future vision for the landscape of cities. This combination of philosophical and practical aspects of landscape design provides the opportunity to speculate on the future direction for landscape.

Module-5 | Landscape Design Studio II

The module involves developing design proposals for a medium-scale site at master planning and detailed design scales, the hard and soft detailing of this space, and the communication of these proposals in a sequence that follows the stages of a professional landscape project. The course involves research into the techniques and practice of developing and realizing landscape design proposals on the ground, as well as the materials and techniques used in landscape construction. The course will introduce new concepts; encourage design innovation; allow for interaction with visiting specialists; and allow both consolidate skills.


Industry Leaders & Program Faculty

Pravin DV
Faculty of Landscape Design

Ar. Pravin DV loves to travel around the world seeking inspiration to design & gain an abundance of experience. An adventurer who treks mountains & rides cross country is a graduate of Architecture from the renowned Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

Thinking inside-out and the other way around is his way to approach a project & practicing for over 20 years across large scale resorts, Residential & commercial projects has made his design the most sought after. Ar. Pravin loves experimenting with materials & strongly believes in breaking the norm to set new designs. His vast experience will reflect in the curriculum & as the program head the students of Landscape Design are set to gain immense knowledge.

Niharika N Rao Faculty of Interior Architecture & Landscape Design

Ar. Niharika N Rao earned a post-graduate degree in M.ARCH in Landscape Design specialization from B.B.D University, Lucknow. She has over 5 years of experience in practicing Architecture, Landscape Design & Interior Architecture. She has collaborated with prestigious design firms such as RSMS Architect, Pixels Designs & others. Her practice experience covers commercial design for hospitals such as Regency Hospitals (Kanpur), Nagpur Cancer Hospital, Medics Hospitals, and various Residential projects. Niharika’s unique leadership skills have allowed her to organize & conduct various industry-related events such as the Design Exhibition “Delhi Haat” & more. Her passion for teaching and the desire to impart knowledge and skills led her to take up an Academic teaching position at Bangalore School of Design.

Mona Fernandes
Faculty of Landscape Design

Mona Fernandes comes from a family of passionate gardeners, this gives her immense joy to get her hands dirty, and tending to plants is therapeutic.

As a graduate of Visual Arts from the prestigious Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat & an International Diploma Graduate in Interior Design from College De Paris, Mona Fernandes worked with many Landscape Design companies for a few years before starting Pretty Patio in 2014. Currently manages a team of 22 gardeners, 2 Interior Designers & an Architect, and Pretty Patio has completed over 150 landscape designs & Balcony makeovers in residential villas, restaurants & corporate offices across Bangalore, Chennai, Goa & Hyderabad.

Currently based out of UAE and launching a new company – Botanica & parallelly managing the team in India. Her experience in Landscape Design brings immense knowledge to the programs at Bangalore School of Design.

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