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Bangalore School of Design is offering a post-graduate program in Furniture Design. The PGD (Furniture Design) program is a one-year, skill-based professional program that prepares students to work as designers and innovators in the increasingly growing furniture industry.

 The classes will look at cultural skills and strategies of design and making while also addressing current design concerns such as mass manufacture, customization, future technology, and environmental issues.

 Overall, the program provides students with a thorough understanding of furniture design and manufacturing, as well as enables them to research current trends in fabrics, technology, and customer behavior to create new, effective, and culturally appropriate furniture for the Indian market.

 The course aims to help students gain knowledge and skills relevant to various aspects of furniture production, from prototype creation and management to the final manufacturing process.

 The PGD (Furniture Design) Program focuses on the subsequent methods of teaching: Hands-on learning, Group dynamics – participation, discussion, brainstorming, Independent thinking, research, exploration learning from industry specialists in various fields associated with furniture design, High faculty to student ratio resulting in increased interaction and a spotlight to every student and their specific needs as design students and access to guest faculty from industry and practicing professional multi-disciplinary interaction of faculty across Bangalore School of Design through site visits/visits to industry, manufacturing units.

This course provides a technical understanding of furniture design, materials, and executive parameters. The course deals with terms and terminology of the built furniture and gives the student information on the properties, management, specifications, use, application, and costs of the materials used in the furniture.

Semester 1

Module-1 | Studio Design Course

The purpose of the course is to develop students’ knowledge by specializing in global furniture design. The objectives are to encourage students to increase their viewpoint beyond simple solutions, to make a deep inside sense of detail and materials, and to create a desire for professionalism.

Students are going to be exposed to the modern-day needs of India that encompass a broad sort of design circumstances. Considerable research is going to be involved as students will learn to acknowledge the virtues of the global design process.

Module-2 | 3D Computer Modeling- Rhinoceros, 3DS Max with Vray

The module is designed for those who are new to modeling with Rhinoceros and are new to rendering with Vray software. The course focus is on the use of modeling tools for complex shapes.

The course is designed for those who are new to rendering with Vray. The course focus is on the use of materials, lighting, and cameras. At the end of the course, the students will be able to produce professionally executed 3D rendering using Rhinoceros and Autodesk 3ds Max with Vray.

Module-3 | Furniture Design

The reason for the module is to build up student’s information and abilities identified with parts of furniture creation, from the turn of events and the executives of models through to the last assembling measure.

During the second piece of the program, students study the introduction of history, speculations, works, and current articulations of Global furnishings.

Properties of wood, power tool demonstration, machinery demonstration, wood bending, joinery, turning, routing, mortising, shaping, sanding, and finishing.

Module-4 | Art History I

This two-part course begins with art dating from the top of the 12th century. This course covers the foremost key artists practicing within the region of Tuscany from the 13th century, until the beginning 15th century.

The course covers historical, social, and political events and analyses their influence on artistic creation. For Example Furniture basics, Ancient Construction, European Furniture Construction, Arts and Crafts Movement, the Bauhaus, etc. Many class sessions are held on-site within the sort of field trips to museums or churches to reinforce the in-class lectures.


Semester 2

Module-1  | History of Modern Furniture Design

The unit deals with furniture, product, and interior design, and students are guided to discover the analogies of those two fields with art, architecture, and fashion and to acquire a solid understanding of the term “design” in its broadest sense.

The lectures aim to deeply analyze each Historical designer’s figure within the larger context of the rich Italian visual culture of the last seven decades, as shown in movies, painting, architecture, and photography.

Module-2 | Furniture Design II

Learning about properties of wood, power tool demonstration, machinery demonstration, wood bending, joinery, turning, routing, mortising, shaping, sanding, and finishing.

The second module is a more in-depth exploration of the area of furniture design. This module provides students more professional experience addressing quality control, process planning, costing, and supervision skills.

Module-3 | Art History II

This course begins with the early 15th century and continues past the movement of Michelangelo. Students understand the major artistic developments of the centuries from the ideal classical form into the complex era of the Counter-Reformation.

Many class sessions are held on-site in the form of field trips to museums or churches to enhance the in-class lectures.

Module-4 | 3D Printing

This module will complete the knowledge and skills required that will enable students to follow a line of production from concept; 3D modeling, 3D visualization/projection and render, through the management of prototyping and the use of CNC machines enabling the production of complex three dimensional ‘reduced scale’ models along with the necessary skills and knowledge to understand production management and assembly process.

Module-5 | Studio Design II with Thesis

Form, Space, and Order of design related to the furniture aspect, Analysis of space and furniture, Ergonomics.

The end of the second semester is focused on an independent project on a single topic, developed by the student working in conjunction with an advisor. During this studio course, students will try various formats for visualizing their thesis and will implement the design work necessary to realize their project.

Emphasis will be placed on creative investigation and the development of original solutions that are conceptually strong and content-filled. The final thesis will comprise the design project along with written documentation. Students must demonstrate independence concerning their design process and the ability to realize a complex furniture design solution.


Industry Leaders & Program Faculty

Mokshaa Kuttaya Faculty of Furniture Design
Mokshaa is an architect turned furniture designer. After graduating from BMS School of Architecture in 2018, she worked for two years at Bram Woodcrafting Studio in Mysore, thus starting her journey in Furniture Design. At Bram Woodcrafting Studio, Mokshaa worked closely on designing and developing a variety of products, with experience in different kinds of techniques used in modern day woodworking. She has also handled workshops for college students as part of her work at BWS, and was exposed to the theory behind furniture design and carpentry as well. She believes that design students must be strong in their concepts and technical knowledge in order to push their creative boundaries. 
Chhaya Navandar Faculty of Product Design
Chhaya started as an Electronics Design Engineer and worked with the Dept of Electronics, Govt of India. She subsequently turned entrepreneur, as she set up to create innovative design solutions for custom designed space organizers for residential, commercial and industrial projects. She further specialized in kitchen accessories and designs with over 4500 plus projects with reputed architects and interior designers till date. Chhaya has custom designed and manufactured various products for high end companies like Hindustan Unilever, HMT watches, BHEL, Nissin, Rail Wheel Factory and many more. Her 30 plus years of experience in designing and manufacturing products has made her an ideal educator of product design with this wealth of knowledge..

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