Furniture Design

Professional Certification

Furniture Design – “An empty room is a story waiting to happen, and you are the author.”

Course Co-ordinator: Ar Sathkeerthi S V

Course Duration: 3 Days/3hrs per Day / 3 weeks
Tuesday /Thursday/Friday

Bangalore School of Design is proud to offer an online Furniture Design Certificate Program by professionals who are full time Interior Architects. This program will provide you with skills and an insight into the Basics of designing Furniture, while considering both fashion and functionality. The dimensional content, sketches, images, videos and more, all of these are custom made by industry experts.

Week One:


  • What is Furniture Design? Types.
  • A Brief Evolution of Furniture Design/History.
  • What is Ergonomics and how it governs Furniture Design.


  • Types of Furniture used extensively in Residential Interiors, Commercial Interiors
  • A Brief on Layouts in Interiors


  • Brief introduction into materials used in the manufacturing of furniture and exploring them.
  • Detail presentation of two furniture: A sofa and a table.

Week Two:


  • Introduction into various fabrics in furniture, the advantages and disadvantages of them in various climates.
  • Insight into Custom and Modular furniture where it is applicable.
  • Listening to a Talk by a Furniture Maker


  • Future in Furniture Design and growth /A brief
  • A brief into Furniture Designer as a Profession, an exposure to famous highly regarded companies
  • Importance of “Exploring Design Solutions” in designs and layouts.


  • A brief introduction to precision hand-drawing skills
  • Importance of sketching, 3d Visual Communication and Problem solving on drawing board.



  • To provide the fundamentals of wood working and its application to furniture emphasizing precision and craft skill.
  • Wooden Chair: As a challenging form, examining, dissecting, and designing one.


  • To provide an introduction to metal fabrication techniques through Metal Studio Videos.
  • Technology in furniture Design and understanding its impact in creating powerful parametric 3D modeling techniques.
  • Presentation of images of physical prototypes developed by laser cutters and CNC


  • Prototype Presentation of furniture in wood and metal designed and developed by Faculty.
  • Open Material Library on display with a brief on types of Joineries
  • Q and A Session on Furniture with an Industry expert.
  • An Aptitude test with multiple-choice questions.
  • Issue of “Certificate” commending your completion of the “Certificate Program in Furniture Design.”


Industry Leaders & Program Faculty

Dineshwar has been a practicing architect for 30 years while running his architecture and interior design firm – Design Studio. He has done various projects, both residential and commercial all over India and in Singapore. His passion for design and creating functional as well as aesthetic design solutions is strikingly unmistakable in his work. His love for all things design, led him to the education industry. He has been a professor of design in various architecture and interior design colleges for the last 6 years. Ever since, he has been striving to spread his experience and knowledge with innovative design education methodologies to match the current design trends. He believes in equipping students of design with basic understanding of the design process and with the skills to execute and implement their ideas. His unique approach to design education makes him an ideal design guide.

Seema Ramakrishna is an Architect with 30 years of work experience in Interior Design. She is currently Advisor – Interiors at Brigade Group, Bengaluru. Her expertise lies in the Interior Design Management of Hospitality spaces along with several Residential, Commercial, Retail projects. A very notable project addressed by her is the Indian Music Experience, Bengaluru which encapsulates the rich heritage of Indian Culture dating back to 200 years ago, interwoven with modern technology. From the stages of concept to execution, Seema is a hands on professional who enables dream designs to turn into a reality. Penchant for Travel has taken her to 30 countries which has enriched her knowledge and beliefs in the Theory of Design. Having worked closely with International and Indian designers her exposure to diversified design philosophies has helped her design and manage spaces on a global note. Knowledge is Power and Seema strongly believes in sharing her learnings with young aspirants, weaving design ideas seamlessly with cost, quality and time.

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