Foundations of Industrial Product Design

Professional Certification

“Industrial Product Design” is one of the youngest professions gaining recognition as a differentiator to survive and grow in the competitive global market. Professional Industrial Designers are in great demand in all sectors of industry today. Graduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses are offered in India and abroad on Industrial Design and allied fields.

In this Course, the students are introduced to what industrial designers do, how they contribute to be innovative and create great products. Industrial designers bring new perspectives based on understanding of the users’ real needs and the context in which they use the products and help develop products which meet users’ aspirations and contribute for the improvement of quality of life. They follow a proven process to identify opportunities and develop concepts to meet the challenges.

This course serves as an introduction to the world of industrial design and its wide- ranging applications. The students will learn about the history of design, design methodology, product ergonomics, developing successful products through lectures, discussions. The students are expected to do a lot of exercises in the classes and at home to get a good understanding of the topics.

 Lectures and hands-on sessions include sessions on

    • Innovation, Creativity, Embedded mindset to creative thinking. Barriers to creativity.
    • History of Design
    • Industrial Product Design – yesterday, today and tomorrow.
    • Design Communication
    • Product Design Process / Methodology
    • Elements of Design
    • Principles of Design
    • Materials & Manufacture
    • Product Ergonomics
    • Prototyping




    Weekend Program (12 weeks) – Hybrid


    Graduate or Diploma in Engineering/ Architecture/ Management

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