B.V.A Interior & Spatial Design

A relatively new concept in the field of design, spatial design focuses on the relation of space with the flow of human movement. Being a spatial artistic discipline, it aims to upgrade existing human habitats by the development of innovative and sustainable settings. The discipline is a harmonious fusion of interior design and architecture.

It encourages the exploration of the human-space relationship through a multiplicity of design possibilities. The program aims to develop the ability to conceptualize, plan, design, and detail highly functional, aesthetically pleasing interior spaces. Along with the ability to integrate technical aspects like structural systems, materials and construction, electrical, mechanicals, etc, you will learn how to interpret how to both local and global cultural contexts. Underpinned by theory and research, you will investigate and test spatial possibilities, all the while developing your own approach to the subject.

Interior and spatial designers are involved in the design and renovation of internal spaces. The projects can range from structural alterations, furnishings, fixtures and fittings to lighting and colour schemes. The job combines the efficient use of space with a clear understanding of aesthetics. As an Interior Spatial Designer, you will –

  • Develop initial ideas and acquire key
    information about potential projects.
  • Consider materials and costs
    according to budgets.
  • Design with regards to the
    information gathered.
  • Work in a team with designers,
    consultants, contractors
  • Understand clients’ needs and the needs of the people using the building to develop design concepts and establish final briefs
  • Research and gather information and
    photographs relating to the project
  • Produce drawings, samples,
    mood boards etc.
  • Supervising the execution process at
    site and implementing the designs






10+2 /
PUC Pass

(with English) from any Recognized Board
Bengaluru North University



  • Language I
  • Language II
  • Story of Art I
  • Visual Thinking
  • Fundamentals of Design 2D & 3D
  • Fundamentals of Drawing I
  • 2D & 3D design Practice
  • Inter Design Studies I
  • FC/SDC
  • CC/EC
  • Design Project
  • Workshops
  • Language I
  • Language II
  • Story of Art II
  • Introduction to Visual Cultures
  • Color Theory
  • Fundamentals of Drawing II
  • Color Composition
  • Inter Design Studies II
  • FC/SDC
  • CC/EC
  • Design Project
  • Workshops
  • Language I
  • Language II
  • Design Thinking
  • Design Studio: Form & Space/Foundation in Spatial Language
  • Interior Design Materials and Applications I
  • Technical drawing
  • Core Elective
  • Digital CAD I
  • FC/SDC
  • CC/EC
  • Design Project
  • Workshops
  • Language I
  • Language II
  • History of Design
  • Design Studio: Space & Planning
  • Interior Design Materials and Applications II
  • Fundamentals of Structure
  • Core Elective
  • Digital CAD II
  • FC/SDC
  • CC/EC
  • Design Project
  • Workshops
  • Environmental Theory
  • Interior Design Studio II- Inhabitations
  • Lifestyle and Accessories Design
  • Interior Design – Advanced Materials & Applications
  • Workshop – Wood Constructions
  • Core Elective
  • Digital Methods: Advanced Auto CAD III
  • Design Project
  • Estimation and Project management
  • Interior Design Studio III
  • Design Studio: Furniture Design
  • Working Drawing Details
  • Signage Graphics
  • Core Elective
  • Digital Methods: Advanced Auto CAD IV
  • Workshop – Metal
  • Integrated Project Work
  • Professional Practice
  • Interior Design Studio IV
  • Interior Design: Landscape
  • Revitalization of Arts & Crafts
  • Design Thesis
  • Integrated Project
  • Core Elective
  • Graduation
  • Project Internship

The Unique process of teaching design in foundation years

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