Dual Bachelor’s Degree

Dual Bachelor’s Degree

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Bachelor’s in Interior Architecture + BVA in Interior & Spatial Design

Studying design changes the way you look at the world. To label oneself a ‘designer’, one must look beyond what is just visible, question what they see and participate in a constant learning curve. The dual degree program at BSD provides you with the learning opportunities in various concepts that link to the design process. Interior and spatial design as a course aims to teach students and open the realms of Interior Architecture. Interior architecture provides the skills required to grasp structural and skeletal concepts. This discipline is a harmonious fusion of interior design and architecture.

The course develops your design aesthetic along with technical intelligence of structure, construction techniques and material. Through the duration of the course you will learn design thinking and apply it in the design process on various hypothetical projects. These projects allow you to realistically apply the theoretical knowledge gained in the subjects while also exploring your creative concepts. This course aims to provide the ability to create a structure and fashion it while detailing out plans, drawings, details, material, construction technology and other aspects of design and construction.

The alliance with the European Design College gives the students an outlook into a cross culture design perspective that prepares them for them to join the global design community. their interaction with the professional world gives them an outlook into the different ways in which design is processed In different parts of the world. They will understand the ways in which universal design standards and design thinking can be overlapped with different world cultures and different work environments to create and design the same end product. This world view will give them an edge to be able to work in any work setting.
As part of the dual degree program, we introduce the students to the finer aspects of becoming a well-rounded designer. Courses on interior photography, which helps you capture and understand views and perspectives and self-promotion and marketing, which gives you the confidence to approach the design profession makes you an exceptional and multifaceted designer ready to change the future of design.

As a spatial designer and an interior architect you will learn design thinking in aspects such as

  • Elements and principles of design
  • History and evolution of design,
  • Design research and methodology
  • Space analysis and understanding
  • Spatial planning and development
  • Circulation and movement
  • Furniture layout and planning
  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Colour theory and phycology
  • Building services
  • Structural elements
  • Materials and finishes
  • Construction techniques and technology
  • Interior detailing

Course Name: Bachelor’s in Interior Architecture + BVA in Interior & Spatial Design
Intake:              30
Duration:         4 Years Full time
Recognition:    Bangalore University 

Min. 10+2 / PUC Pass (with English) from any Recognized Board


SEMESTER 1 – Foundation year

Story of Art – I

Visual Thinking

Fundamentals of Design:2D&3D

Fundamentals of Drawing – I

2D&3D Design Practice

Interior Design Studies I


Environmental Theory

Interior Design Studio II – Inhabitations

Lifestyle and Accessories Design

Interior Design – Advanced Materials & applications

Workshop – Wood Constructions

Core Elective

Digital Methods: Advanced Auto CAD III

SEMESTER 2 – Foundation year

Story of Art – II

Introduction to Visual Cultures

Colour Theory

Fundamentals of Drawing – II

Colour Composition

Interior Design Studies II


Estimation & Project Management

Interior Design Studio III

Design Studio: Furniture Design

Working Drawing Details

Sign-age Graphics

Core Elective

Digital Methods: Advanced Auto CAD IV

Workshop – Metal

Integrated Project Work


Design Thinking

Design Studio: Form & Space/Foundation in Spatial Language

Interior Design Materials and applications I

Technical Drawing

Core Elective

Digital: CAD I


Professional Practice

Interior Design Studio IV

Interior Design:Landscape

Revitalization of Arts & Crafts

Design Thesis

Integrated Project

Core Elective


History of Design

Design Studio – Space & Planning

Interior Design Materials and applications II

Fundamentals of Structure

Core Elective

Digital: CAD II


Graduation Project


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