Design Courses in Bangalore

Academic Overview

Bangalore School of Design is a multi-discipline college that focuses on rigorously preparing designers to lead. This is a community of designers shaping the next generation of designers, a community of educators passionate about their students’ work.  At Bangalore School of Design, you’ll learn to design interior spaces, furniture, products, visuals, landscapes that make an impact on communities, companies, and people. To learn more about courses offered this academic year please click here.

Design Institute in Bangalore

Bangalore School of Design’s (BSD) key attributes

  • A Faculty of Practicing Designers: Each of our professors is a professional working in design or a related field & their knowledge is current, so our curriculum is constantly evolving
  • A Depth and Breadth of Courses: The college offers more than the set curriculum by Bangalore University, knowledge share between professors and students gives an edge over any other college graduates. Technology is a cornerstone of our curriculum: we offer courses in AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, 3DMax, and more, while emphasizing a foundation in hand-drawing and drafting skills
  • Small Class Size: Bangalore School of Design’s (BSD) average class size is 20. Students have abundant and informal access to instructors and advisors. The intimacy of our programs creates a vibrant culture of mentoring in a collegial atmosphere
  • Design for the Real World: At Bangalore School of Design, we believe in the potential for creative designers to solve business and humanitarian problems. To help the students Bangalore School of Design has an in-house Innovation Center which takes up Real World projects which are led by the professors with the assistance of design students.
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